Untamed Giant Panda – embark on an Asian adventure!


Wildlife, panda, fun, adventure and a great theme are all part of the ideal Untamed Giant Panda game. Embark on an adventure through the Asian wilderness, with one of the most beloved animals in the world, the Asian panda. Untamed Giant Panda is coming from the manufacturer “Microgaming”. With several different special features that give you the chance to win big!

Untamed giant panda

 Untamed Giant Panda, online casino bonus, online free spins
 Untamed Giant Panda

When it comes to the visual aspect of this game, you will certainly be satisfied. The untamed giant panda has five reels and 243 paylines. The giant panda may not be one of the scariest wild beasts, but this game will surely fill you with adrenaline.

The game has modern paintings with the pandas in their houses. The music fits into the ambiance and gives a feeling of the peaceful oriental landscape. Due to the large number of paylines, you will win whenever three of the same symbols appear on the adjacent reels.

Players can also upgrade their winnings through the gambling option. Whenever you win, you will be allowed to multiply it by up to twenty times! In this function, you will be presented with a radar screen that is divided into two parts, red and green. Whenever your dial stops in the green zone, you will win. There is a possibility to increase the multiplier if you expand the red zone on the screen.

You can play the gamble option multiple times in a row and invest at least 50% of your winnings to reduce the risk.

Untamed giant panda

 Untamed Giant Panda, gamble, online casino bonus, online free spins
 Gamble Untamed Giant Panda

Untamed Giant Panda – unique features, collect wildcards!

Another unusual feature is the Wild collector function. The Wild change all other symbols to form a winning combination. Beneath each ridge, there are four empty fields to fill the wildcards. When you fill in the squares in one reel, which will then be filled with wilds and the other reels, will spin four times in the hope that you will achieve a winning combination.

The only symbol that the Wild cannot replace is the scatter symbol presented in the shape of a giant Panda logo. If you collect three or more of these symbols per reel, you will receive ten online free spins. When the wilds appear, they remain in their position until the online free spins function completes, thus helping to create winning combinations.

The RTP (return to player percentage) of this video slot is as high as 96.32%, which can lead you to big winnings!

If you are an Asian wild Panda fan, then embark on this dynamic game for fun and big winnings.

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