Village People brings endless fun to your homes!

If you grew up during the ’70s or ’80s of the last century, you will surely remember the planet-famous group The Village People from New York. Surely you remember one of the most famous songs of this group: Y. M. C. A, which just this year received the status of cultural treasure of America. The suggestive name of the group indicates a part of the city of New York that had a large gay population at the time. The band members themselves were masculine gay men, who presented themselves on stage with different identities – from a construction worker to a chief.

The Village People got their fun video slot!

Well, the members of the popular American group also got their unique-looking video slot with three reels in three rows and fifteen paylines. All winnings are paid from left to right and only the highest win per line is paid. The symbols are represented by card symbols of Spades, Clubs, Hearts and Diamonds represents symbols of lower value. As for the symbols of greater value, they are represented by the symbols of high-heeled Shoes, Glasses, Records, Music bands and a Golden Microphone.

Village People
Slot symbols

Multiple Wild functions!

There are also the Wild and VP Wild which are the most valuable symbols that will increase your stake 250 times if you collect six of them. These two Wilds make payments on any payline that has at least two identical symbols. However, this is not the end of the functions of these symbols. Their main role is to replace regular symbols and build winning combinations with them.

The VP Wild also has its function. It can appear on all reels and when it appears on one field, it automatically expands to the entire reel, providing greater gains!

Village People
Expanding VP Wilds

We will also mention the main characters of the Village People video slot. They are located in the central place of the slot, just above the board with the reels. They are located above a scale that is filled with VP Wilds. Whenever this Wild is found on the reels, it is added to the scale of the main symbol on whose reel it “landed”. There are a total of five places and when you fill them, you open the bonus game Macho Moves and win five free spins!

Village People
Macho Moves on Reel1 assigns multipliers

Bonus game Macho Moves and its many features

First of all, the Macho Moves game has different functions, depending on which rile it is run on:

  • Reel1 opens a bonus game with random multipliers, from 2 to 20 which are awarded before each free spin,
  • Reel 2 has random Wildcards that will appear on the reels during each spin. Between 2 and 12 Wilds can be won within this bonus game,
  • When you open the bonus game on the third reel, 2-4 reels will randomly turn into reels full of Wilds,
  • Reel 4 brings free spins with “marching” Wilds. Reels five and six will be reels with Wilds after each spin these reels are pulled back by one place, “leading” the Wilds with them,
  • Reel 5 comes with a function that converts all card symbols into symbols of higher value, ie. High hill shoe symbols, plate…
  • Finally, Reel 6 has Wildcards that lock in place while the other symbols rotate.
Village People
Macho Moves realized on the reel 1

You can see the phenomenal sound of this band in the video slot itself. On the left side of the reels is a jukebox that plays hits by The Village People! Change tracks or simply mute if you only came for great features. There are a lot of them, you are convinced of that and there is no reason to convince you to play it!

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