Online Casino made Vladimir happy with the help of books!

Online Casino has witnessed another big win on popular slots. Vladimir M. from Leskovac reached the magic figure of 836,350 RSD. To make things even better, this win happened at the payment point of one of the bookmakers in Leskovac. Read everything that happened and how Vladimir reached this magic number below.

Age of the Gods Norse: Book of Dwarves is the name of the talic game that delivered this magical win to Vladimir. No wonder this game was thawed for him, his favorite games are from the famous book series. We found Vladimir at the payment point of the betting shop in Leskovac and asked him a few questions.

Vladimir Book of Dwarves1
Age of the Gods Norse: Book of Dwarves

The first question we have to ask you is: why did you decide on this particular game?

There is no secret here, I first tried out the machine at the bookmaker, but I was unlucky there. As I had some money in my online account, I typed “book” in the search and this game was the first on the list that came out. That’s the only reason I chose her. By the way, I only play books in the bookmaker and on my online account. I’ve pinned good wins a couple of times and I’m not giving up on my tactics.

How much money did you get the most from books?

I had two large scalps, one was around 300,000 RSD and the other around 180.00 RSD. This is definitely the biggest gain, but I don’t plan to stop there.

How to make big winnings on your online casino account

How did the course of the game go? How did you come to that gain?

I started small, but after a couple of winnings, I increased my stake proportionally. I had no idea that I would take this figure. When I had already raised the stakes, I got three books and that’s when the free spins opened up for me. However, I didn’t know that this game has several levels of free spins. I reached the third level and earned about 650,000 RSD there. Since I was playing on the computer at the bookmaker, all the players noticed that something was happening. In the end, everyone cheered, and the atmosphere was really tense.

Once again, I managed to open free spins after that and reach the second level, where I collected around 190,000 RSD.

Vladimir Book of Dwarves
Online Casino Bonus

Vladimir treated the betting team and operators well

She had to fall and some part?

I couldn’t escape it. All the players were well honored, and the operators did well. After that, dinner with the team and a few drinks.

He announced a campaign to win millions

Do you have a plan for what to do with the money won?

I haven’t thought about it yet, but I’m a car mechanic by profession, so I appreciate that I’ll buy good tools for a part of the money. The second part will, of course, end with the woman (laughs). I appreciate that they will tax me well. Of course, one part will remain for fun. I am announcing the next campaign, and the goal is a million profit. I recorded that this game has top jackpots, I will try to download one of them.

Vladimir Book of Dwarves
Free spins are the key to big wins

Do you have a message for the other players?

Just push your story. Who loves tickets, let him not give up, who loves casinos, let him push his story. A good win always comes, sooner or later.

For who knows how many times, Online Casino has treated its users well. It’s up to you to have fun, and the winnings will come sooner or later. Don’t give up on your tactics, maybe you will be as lucky as Vladimir.

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