Wacky Panda – a crazy slot with one payline!

Join a new cartoon adventure with a cute panda in the video slot of the Wacky Panda from the provider Microgaming!

China has always been an inexhaustible source of inspiration, especially in the world of online casinos. In addition to games with Irish and Egyptian themes, we can notice that games with Chinese themes are very popular among the leading providers.

Wacky Panda – an amazing video slot with just one payline!
Thinking about a panda, the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is something sweet and endearing. When creating the Wacky Panda video slot, the provider carried the idea to bring a new look to the slots with three reels in two rows. This slot focuses on classic features that offer big winnings despite the lower bet values on the payline.

This game doesn’t have any complications, as it clearly displays paylines and additional features. Simply this slot provides a unique experience! Just set the bet, press the Spin button and embark on an Asian adventure.

wacky panda

Wacky Panda, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Wacky Panda

The background of the slot is a waterfall on the right, while on the left is a bamboo forest. The central part of the screen is the slot itself, the edges of which are made of bamboo. Fruits in the form of bananas, grapes and watermelons appear on the reels, as well as a large number of colorful pandas of different purchasing power. You can see the coin symbols above the symbol board. You control them when you want to set what value you want your spin to have.

Win 1,111 times your stake in the Wacky Panda slot!
The values ​​of the symbols that merge on the reels can be seen in a specially displayed table to the right of the slot itself. Payouts range from 30 coins, if one red panda is obtained, and the stake is increased 10 times, to 3,333 coins if you combine three red pandas. Then you will win the grand prize of the slot which is 1,111 times bigger than the stakes!

But there are also symbols of medium value, such as grapes, bananas and watermelons. They pay out 60 to 90 points when you win with the help of three of the same symbols. There are also symbols of somewhat greater purchasing power. These are brown, blue, purple and yellow pandas and they pay out 120 to 900 coins for three of the same symbols.

wacky panda

Wacky Panda, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Wacky Panda

Set your bets and start spinning!
You can change the bet by pressing the plus or minus keys, where the current bet is reduced or increased. These keys are next to your current balance. You can also use the Spin key to start the game. And there’s an Autoplay button to initiate the automatic spinning. All you have to do is adjust the bet, the coin size, choose how many times you want the slot to spin automatically and you’re on a great adventure!

Since this is a single payline slot, this means that the total bet has the same value as the bets per line. This slot is available for play on all Android devices, tablets, desktops and provides a 96% return rate.

If you like to play slots with an oriental theme, collecting colorful pandas with relaxing music, then the Wacky Panda slot video is for you!

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