Warlords Crystal of Power – a slot of crystal winnings!

The Warlords Crystal of Power video slot comes from the NetEnt provider and is a game that focuses on an epic battle in which three rulers face off in their final battle for supremacy. The game is an enchanting fusion of fantasy and medieval battles, with terrifying creatures that follow warriors. All graphics are displayed in HD resolution with close-up shots.

The visual aspects in the Warlords Crystal of Power slot are phenomenal, in the introductory sequence the wolf looks completely 3D, and the whole presentation acts as a cross between a video game and a slot.

Warlords Crystal of Power

The action of the slot takes place after years of war on earth, and now there are only three warlords left: Samurai, Barbarian and Priestess. Everyone has a crystal that gives them power and everyone wants to get all the Crystal for themselves.

In the game Warlords Crystal of Power, the provider NetEnt has pushed the boundaries, the game is high-budget with animations and parts of the interactive game.

The Warlords Crystal of Power slot combines many elements!

During the game, you can start a battle between three military leaders, but be careful. The game has a lot of potential and offers wild symbols, stacked symbols, free spins, respins, multipliers, random games, interaction and battle.

The three warlords in the Warlords Crystal of Power slot are colored to match their own crystal.

The samurai representing the red warlord appears in the introductory video, where he sits on the edge of a room that descends to show the whole world in the distance.

The wolf brings the red crystal and pushes it towards himself. Meanwhile, the green crystal is opened by the green military leader. She is a Priestess and has a shiny black jaguar as her animal.

The blue crystal belongs to the Barbarian who has a wild boar as an animal. Each of the military leaders has a mask that shows their crystal and their color. The Wild symbol is a brooch with all three Crystal in gold.

When you start playing, you will notice that each military leader takes three full positions on the columns. The winning line surrounded by fire and special effects is what you will notice when you win.

warl 2 2

If the winning symbol is a wolf, its eyes blaze red. The goddess can take a fighting position with an arrow ready to be fired, and her jaguar rushes towards the enemy.

The battle involves raging fire and exploding Crystal. Part of the free spin game changes according to which military leader gives free spins.

As for the symbol, the Samurai has the greatest value, then the Priestess and then the Barbarian. Also, the animals that accompany their military leaders have the same order of value, wolf, jaguar, wild boar.

At the end come the mask symbols as symbols of lower payout value. In this series, the samurai mask is worth the most, then the green mask and finally the blue mask.

The Warlords Crystal of Power slot has a wild symbol and a random fold. The main wild symbol is a brooch or button that combines all three Crystal in a beautiful gold frame and has the power to replace all symbols except scatter symbols. Scatter symbols are individual for each military leader.

Win exclusive bonuses!

Each spin can activate the Random Overlay wild function. So you have three characteristics, each for an individual military leader.

The samurai has the characteristic of a sword, which can give two to five wild symbols on columns from one to four.

The priestess has the characteristic of an arrow, which gives two to five wild symbols on columns one to five.

The barbarian has the characteristic of a hammer and can appear on columns from one to four, as a square that assigns 4 wild symbols. When the function is started the symbols are overlaid with Overlay Wild symbols.

In the Warlords Crystal of Power slot, each of the military leaders has their own scatter symbol and they have the shape of each military leader’s flag.

warl 3 3

Each flag bears the symbol of a military leader, the swords are made of red Samurai, the hammer is made of blue Barbarian and the bow and arrow are made of green Priestess. Each scatter has its own free spins.

In the main game, each of these scatters symbols first gives you the corresponding game function. These are either three free spins, one multiplier or one sticky wild.

The bonus game of free spins you get in the Warlords Crystal of Power slot depends on the type of scatter symbols with which it is activated. In the case of free Samurai spins, the position of the scatter symbol is also important.

If you get the same type of scatter symbol, in the Warlords Crystal of Power slot the respins start immediately. But if the scatter symbols are not the same, they will be randomly transformed so that they are the same before the respin begins.

So, there are three different types of free spins that correspond to three characteristics. Bonus free spins and respins use a different set of columns than the base game.

Also, it’s good to know that if you had two scatter symbols to start the game, but another one appears during the replay, you get the Final Chance function. You will then receive a cash prize or another scatter symbol for free spins.

Play the Warlords Crystal of Power slot at your chosen online casino and have fun.



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