Wild Hop and Drop – casino bonuses from the magical swamp

In front of you is an unusual casino game that can provide you with powerful winnings. Everything you will see is unusual, from the layout of the columns, to the payout of winnings that are processed in an atypical way.

The main role in the Wild Hop and Drop slot is played by frogs. This game is presented to us by the provider Pragmatic Play. You will enjoy free spins during which you will collect scatters. You will have the opportunity to enjoy giant wild symbols.

Wild Hop and Drop-online casino bonus-pragmatic play

If you want to know something more about this game, we suggest you to read the continuation of the text in which the review of the Wild Hop and Drop slot follows. We have divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic information
  • Wild Hop and Drop slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sound effects

Basic information

Wild Hop and Drop is an online slot that has six columns arranged in six rows. You won’t see 36 symbols on the columns at all times because giant symbols appear randomly on them.

To achieve any win, you need to match six or more matching symbols in a set. Sets can be linked in any direction, and do not have to start from the first column from the left or the right.

The winnings of the highest value are paid per set. Sum of winnings is possible if during one spin you connect two or more winning sets of at least six or more matching symbols.

The biggest wins will come if you match 26 or more winning symbols in a row.

Next to the Spin button there are plus and minus fields with which you set the bet value per spin. You can do the same thing in the game settings.

You can adjust the sound effects by clicking on the box with the speaker image.

Wild Hop and Drop slot symbols

When we talk about the symbols of this game, the lowest paying value comes from the classic card symbols: J, Q, K and A. However, they also have different paying power, so the most valuable among them is the A symbol.

All other basic symbols are represented by frogs.

The first in line is a blue frog that brings even bigger payouts. If you connect 26 or more of these symbols in a winning combination you will win 60 times your stake.

The purple frog brings even bigger payouts. If you match 26 or more of these symbols in a winning combination, you will win 100 times your stake.

The most valuable among the basic symbols is the green frog symbol. If you connect a minimum of 26 of these symbols in a set you will win 200 times your stake.

The wild symbol is represented by a frog with the Wild logo on it. It replaces all symbols, except the scatter, and helps them create winning combinations.

It appears in all column positions, and can appear in sizes 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5, or 6×6.

Wild Hop and Drop-džoker-džinovski džoker-online casino bonus-pragmatic play

The frog only pays out when the giant 6×6 symbol appears. Then you win the maximum sum that this game offers you – 5,000 times the stake!

The ginormous wild appears when the water lily frog jumps onto the columns.

Bonus games

The scatter symbol is represented by a caterpillar and appears on all columns. Four or more of these symbols on the columns will earn you six free spins.

Wild Hop and Drop-scatter-online casino bonus-pragmatic play

During this bonus game you will collect scatter symbols. If you trigger the free spins with five scatters you will have one collected during the free spins, and if you trigger them with six scatters you will have collected two scatters.

Every time you collect four scatters you will be randomly awarded with one to three free spins.

Wild Hop and Drop-besplatni spinovi-džinovski džoker-online casino bonus-pragmatic play

With each new activation, the size of the giant wilds increases from 1×1, to 2×2, 3×3 etc… After the fourth reactivation, this feature cannot be activated again.

Graphics and sound effects

The Wild Hop and Drop slot columns are located in a cute bar. The frog is located on the lily pad next to the columns, and will randomly jump onto the columns like a giant wild.

All the while you’re having fun, you’ll be listening to a cute, unobtrusive game.

The graphics of the game are superb, and all symbols are presented in detail.

Play Wild Hop and Drop and win 5,000 times more.


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