Wild Joker – welcome to a powerful slot party

If you want to have fun with an interesting fruit slot, we have the right thing for you. New fruit trees bring something you could not see before this game. Columns are placed in an unusual formation and powerful bonuses are there to deliver you fantastic winnings.

Wild Joker is an online slot presented to us by the provider Leap Casino. A great re-spin bonus awaits you in this game, which brings wilds with multipliers. In addition, you will enjoy mysterious symbols that will transform into an identical symbols.

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If you want to know more about this game, we suggest you to read the continuation of the text, which is followed by an overview of the Wild Joker online slot. We divided the review of this game into several segments:

  • Basic information
  • Wild Joker slot symbols
  • Bonus games and special symbols
  • Graphics and sound effects

Basic information

Wild Joker is a video slot with an unusual setting. The game has six columns and the arrangement of symbols per column is in the formation 3-5-5-5-5-3. The total number of ways to win is 5,625.

In order to achieve any winnings, it is necessary to connect three or more winning combinations in a row. All winning combinations are calculated from left to right starting from the first column on the left.

For each winning sequence, one winning combination is paid, and that is the largest. The sum of winnings is of course possible if you connect them in several winning streaks at the same time.

Considering a large number of winning combinations, it will not be an overly difficult task.

In the lower right corner is the Total Bet menu where you can see the value of your bet. Below are the plus and minus buttons, which you can use to adjust the value of the stakes.

An Autoplay function is also available, which you can activate at any time. Through this function, you can set up to 1,000 spins.

If you want a more dynamic game, just hold down the Spin button and you will activate fast spins.

The button with the picture of the speaker in the lower left corner will be used to adjust the sound effects of the game.

Wild Joker slot symbols

The columns are dominated by fruit symbols, and the lowest payout value is brought by: lemon, cherry, orange and watermelon.

The following are single, double, and triple Bar symbols. Singles bring the lowest value among them, while triples are worth the most. Six triple Bar symbols in a winning combo will win you three times your stake.

The next three symbols are represented by the red, blue, and orange Lucky 7 symbols. Six blue Lucky 7 symbols in a row will win you four times your stake.

For a winning combination of six orange Lucky 7 symbols in a row, you will get six times the stake.

The most valuable is the red Lucky 7 symbol. If you connect six of these symbols in a winning sequence you will win 12.5 times your stake.

Bonus games and special symbols

You will also see a mysterious symbol with a question mark on the columns. Whenever it appears on columns, it will first expand until it occupies the entire column.

After that, it will disappear from the columns spin by spin by one place. With each spin, this symbol will transform into an identical symbol. This can help you get great winnings.

Misteriozni simbol-wild joker-online casino bonus

The wild symbol is represented by a circus spider. It changes all the symbols of the game and helps them to create winning combinations.

džoker-online casino bonus-wild joker-leap

Whenever the wild is found in a winning combination, the Respin Bonus will be activated.

After that, you get three respins and the wild moves through the columns to random places. If you get a new win, you get three additional respins and the value of the wild’s multiplier increases.

respin bonus-wild joker-online casino bonus

There is no limit to the height of the multiplier.

Graphics and sound effects

The columns of the Wild Joker slot are placed on a purple background, but the background color of the game changes if you activate the Respin Bonus game to pink.

The graphics of the game are unique, and all symbols are shown in the smallest details. The sound effects are great and fit the theme of the game.

It’s time for a great party, enjoy with Wild Joker!


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