Wild Scarabs – the slot hides a famous treasure!

Come with us on a new adventure to ancient Egypt with the Wild Scarabs video slot, where we will set off in search of long-lost treasures kept by golden scarabs. According to an ancient legend, if you manage to catch three or more golden scarabs, you will unlock the bonus game, start free spins and enjoy exclusive bonuses.

There will be a warehouse of wilds waiting for you somewhere, who will collect and prepare great winning combinations for you. Continue reading the text and find out what awaits you in the video slot of the Microgaming provider, and you are ready to spin at your favorite online casino.

The online casino slot Wild Scarabs welcomes us with a panorama of ancient Egypt, where we recognize the pyramids, but also an oasis full of palm trees and various green plants.

wild scarabs

The atmosphere is, in general, very pleasant, which is also contributed by the excellent fast-paced music recording, with, as expected, oriental tones, which create tension that makes you not stop. When you win, the music will change a little and celebrate that win with a happy tune.

Meet the symbols in the Wild Scarabs slot!

In such an environment, there is a game board with five columns in three rows, on which you will see various symbols, basic and special groups, which stand out perfectly on a brown background.

The first group of symbols includes, above all, six gems, of different colors and values, which come almost as a replacement for classic card symbols.

They are joined by more valuable symbols, the Ankh and the Eye of Horus, and the most valuable symbols of the Wild Scarabs slot are the gods Anubis and Horus.

So, the basic symbols are pretty standard for this topic, and they will give you gains when you make combinations of 3-5 of them, from left to right in columns.

It should be said that this video slot does not have standard paylines, but symbol combinations should match 243 predetermined winning combinations.

As for the special symbols of the Wild Scarabs slot, we will first introduce you to the wild symbol, represented by the scarab beetle, also known in our country as the dung beetle.

This most famous ancient Egyptian amulet will serve as a symbol that will replace all the basic symbols on the game board and build winning combinations with them. The only symbol that the Wild cannot replace is the next special symbol, the scatter.

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Enjoy free spins with special wilds that lead to even better winnings

Another special symbol, the scatter, is represented by an orange gem with the inscription Scatter, which will give you a payout for two of the same symbols combined.

In addition to providing you with a payout, this symbol will trigger a bonus game with free spins for three copies in columns.

You will have 10 free spins to enjoy the additional features provided by the wild bonus game.

Please note: the Stashed Wilds feature will only be launched when you do not win in the bonus game.


It is important that the wild is in the 3rd column, and the win is guaranteed because the bonus game will add more wilds to the columns, a maximum of four.

So, be careful: all non-winning wilds are collected on a special scale, and when you collect three or more wilds, they return to the columns to help you create winning combinations.

Return to Player, or RTP or Theoretical Refund is 96.28%, which is quite solid because it is an average when it comes to video slots. If you are not familiar with the term RTP, we have prepared a tutorial that will eliminate all your doubts.

All we have to do is send you on a journey where you will feel the spirit of ancient Egypt with the help of a scarab, which will lead you to a bonus game with free spins.

The real magic happens there with great wilds, who collect and return to the columns during unprofitable spins to help you make even better winnings.

Play the Wild Scarabs video slot at your favorite online casino and make good winnings.

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