Wild Tome of the Woods – a slot fairy tale with wilds!

Another great video slot called Wild Tome of the Woods is coming from the prominent casino game provider Quickspin. Below you will find an overview of this slot, in which you will find out_

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it has and how to get paid
  • It’s all about the symbols – which are, which provide instant payouts, and which trigger bonus games
  • How to use a wild to win up to 1,000 times more

The Wild Tome of the Woods video slot is set in the woods, with great graphics and interesting animations. Take a walk through the magical slot forest at your favorite online casino, have fun and make money!

Wild Tome of the Woods – feel the magic of the forest!

The online casino slot Wild Tome of the Woods has six columns in three rows and 26 paylines. The game board is located in a quiet forest overgrown with vegetation, in front of which the symbols levitate.

A beautifully designed online slot and an interesting forest fairytale will take you to a former medieval hunting ground. The background of the game is magical, with a dense canopy of trees on which mushrooms grow. Occasionally you will notice the leaves falling as the sun’s rays break through the canopy.

In such an environment, there are symbols that change on the game board. We have basic and special symbols, in charge of making instant winnings and launching bonus functions.

The first group of symbols includes three magical magic potions in bottles of red, green and yellow. These are symbols of the lowest value, which is why they will most often appear in columns.

Wild Tome of the Woods
Wild Tome of the Woods slot layout

These symbols are accompanied by the symbols of three unusual animals, which will give you even better payouts. You will meet a classy owl, a wise fox and an unusual frog, which will help you come up with better winning combinations.

All the basic symbols of the Wild Tome of the Woods video slot appear as stacked symbols. What does it mean?

Stacked symbols indicate the appearance of symbols in rows in one column, which increases the payout potential, because there is a greater chance of making a winning combination.

In order for the basic symbols to give you a win, it is necessary to find them from left to right in columns, in combinations of 3-6 of the same.

In addition, the combinations need to be on one of the 26 paylines in order for the winnings to be known.


The paylines are fixed, which means that you cannot change their number, and if you have more winnings on one, only the most valuable one will be paid to you. In other words, simultaneous gains are only possible on different paylines.

Wild Tome of the Woods
Online Casino Bonus

The Wild Tome of the Woods video slot also has special symbols, primarily the wild symbol, represented by the symbol with the inscription Wild. This wild is also a paying symbol, which provides payouts for 2-6 of the same symbols in combination.

This is the most valuable symbol of the slot, which brings convincingly the best payouts with the help of the bonus function. In addition, the wild has the function of replacing the basic symbols in the columns and building winning combinations with them.

In addition to the wild, the book’s symbol also belongs to a special group. This is not a payment symbol, but it can take you to great winnings with the help of the Wild Tome feature.

Wild Tome of the Woods
Wild Tome

When the symbol of the book appears in the columns, he chooses one of the other symbols of the characters or potions, turning them, together with him, into wild symbols.

Also, there is a possibility to transform one of the wild symbols into another. This can continue until the columns are completely filled with wilds. This launches the All Wilds Win feature which will reward you with a payout 1,000 times the stakes!

Wild Tome of the Woods
Big Win

At the bottom of the Wild Tome of the Woods slot is a control panel with options that introduce you to the game.

You can move the slot columns manually, and there is also an Autoplay button that allows you to rotate the columns automatically. There is also a Turbo button, which allows for a more dynamic game.

The magic forest-themed video slot has no free spins or other bonus features, but a great feature with wilds is quite enough for significant payouts. The slot is gentle and soothing and gives the feeling of a fairy tale.

The game also has a demo version, so you can try it out before investing real money. It is also available on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone.

Find the Wild Tome of the Woods video slot at your favorite online casino and enjoy spinning!

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