Win Blaster Christmas Edition – holiday party

The New Year and the Christmas holidays are getting closer to us every day, so we decided to present you with a few games that in some way deal with the theme of these holidays. Of course, you can play these games all year round. The casino game we will now present to you is called Win Blaster Christmas Edition.

About half a year ago, you had the opportunity to get acquainted with the preview of the Win Blaster slot, and this time we present you with the Christmas version of this game. Win Blaster Christmas Edition is a classic slot that comes from the game manufacturer Gamomat. Read the rest of the text and get to know this game in detail.

The Win Blaster Christmas Edition is a classic slot that has three columns in three rows and five paylines. The only winning combination is a combination of three matching symbols on the payline. Nine symbols will appear on the columns during each spin, all you have to do is stack three in the winning sequence.

Only one win is possible on one payline. The sum of winnings is possible, but only when they are made on different paylines.

The plus and minus keys, next to the Total bet key, will help you set the desired stake value. The Max Bet button will appeal most to players who like high stakes. Clicking this button automatically sets the maximum bet per spin. The autoplay function is available and you can activate it at any time.

Win Blaster Christmas Edition slot symbols

It’s time to introduce you to the symbols of the Win Blaster Christmas Edition slot. As we have already mentioned, the fruit theme is connected with the Christmas holidays. The symbol of the lowest payout value is a blue diamond. The three diamond symbols on the payline will bring you the value of the stakes.

The next two fruit symbols have the same payout value, and they are cherry and lemon. The combination of these three symbols on the payline will bring you four times the payout of your deposit.

Orange and plum are the next symbols in terms of payout. Three of the same symbols on the payline bring you eight times more than the stakes. It should be noted that fruit symbols are presented as decorations for the Christmas tree.

The golden bell brings even greater payouts, and it is made as a decoration for the Christmas tree. If you combine these three symbols on the payline, you will win 20 times more than the stakes. The blue star brings significantly higher payouts, and these three symbols will automatically bring you 50 times more than the stakes.

All we have to do is introduce you to the symbol of the highest payout and end the story with the basic symbols. What do you think, the symbol of classic slots is missing in this game? Of course, it’s the red Lucky 7 symbol. Three Lucky 7 symbols on the payline bring you 200 times more than your bet! Take a chance and grab a great win.

Wilds can bring multipliers up to x100

But, even here, the story with symbols does not end, because this game also brings a special symbol. It’s a wild symbol. The Wild changes all the remaining symbols and helps them form winning combinations. In addition, he runs a special bonus game with multipliers. When the wild appears on the columns, it will spread to the entire column. If you make a profit on that occasion, great multipliers are waiting for you. The Wild will increase your winnings by one of the multipliers, ranging from x1 to x100.

Win Blaster Christmas Edition
Win Blaster Christmas Edition – wilds with multiplier

Two Gambling Features

In addition to this game, Win Blaster Christmas Edition also has a gambling bonus, not one, but two. The first type of gambling bonus is regular card gambling. All you need to increase your winnings is to guess which colors will be the next card drawn from the deck, black or red.

Win Blaster Christmas Edition
Classic gambling feature

Another type of gambling bonus is so-called ladder gambling. The light bar will constantly move from a higher to a lower digit on the scale. You just have to stop it while it’s at a higher number. You can also choose to keep half of the winnings to yourself and gamble the other half.

Win Blaster Christmas Edition
Ladder gambling feature

The background of the game is done in a festive spirit. You will see New Year’s and Christmas decorations on all sides of the column. Sound effects and music are dynamic.

Win Blaster Christmas Edition – pick up your package in a new casino game!