Win Win Won – make money and have fun with the online casino slot!

Prominent provider PG Soft, have a new game that will take you back to the age of single-line slots! Introducing Win Win Won, a game that does not have a bonus game but which still offers a unique way of fun and earnings. Embark on another story with a Chinese theme and pamper the dog who is watching you happily from the reels and cheering for you!

Enjoy this video slot that will intrigue you because it comes to us in an innovative edition with a unique way of playing. PG Soft’s slots are innovative in their own right but this will surprise you, we are sure of it!

Win Win Won

Win Win Won raises slots to a higher level!

Win Win Won is a video slot that does not contain a bonus game but the basic game will compensate you for this. What it is? You can play the basic game in three roles: Ingot Bet 1, 2 and 3.

  • If you select Ingot Bet 1, the bet is the one you placed,
  • If you choose the second option, your bet will be doubled, you will invest twice as much,
  • With the third option, you increase your stake three times, you invest three times more than the initial stake.

However, there is an interesting twist here. If you choose Bet 2 or Bet 3, you will open a reel with multipliers! It is located below the reels and displays values ​​from 1 to 3 times, depending on which level you are playing. If you play a slot with another option, Multiplier Reel will allow you to increase your winnings once or twice. But if you play at Bet 3, you will also be able to win the 3 times multiplier!

Win Win Won, PG Soft, Online Casino Bonus

Win Win Won.

Track your winnings and watch you win multipliers!

Now, how are profits tracked? You do not have to open the slot menu for this, all the data is on the main panel. Below the reels, which are decorated with flowers, you can see a board showing the payouts of all the symbols on all the bets.

Win Win Won, PG Soft, Online Casino Bonus

This way you can track your winnings all the time because you will be able to see the bar that contains the payout values ​​for the symbols on the bet you are playing on. It is important to say that payout winning combinations are charged only when winnings are formed from left to right. The payout on the line is equal to the value shown in the symbol payout table multiplied by the stake. Depending on the beta, ranked from the first to the third beta, the payouts are as follows:

  • For any combination of bones on the reels – 10, 20 and 30 times,
  • For one bone symbol – 20, 40, 60 times,
  • Two bones – 30, 60, 90 times,
  • Three bones – 50, 100, 150 times,
  • Blue inscription – 80, 160, 240 times,
  • Green inscription – 150, 300, 450 times,
  • Yellow inscription – 400, 800, 1.200 times,
  • Dog – 800, 1,600, 2,600 times!

The dog on the reeds brings the stakes up to 2,600 times!

The Dog is key in this game and he can provide you with a stake increase of up to 2,600 times! It can help you if you get the same first two symbols by jumping on the third reel. Maybe seemingly, it helps, it is fun to watch it!

You know that Chinese-themed slots are always firmly tied to happiness, you can see that through the titles of the slots Fortune Gods, Fortune Dogs, Mystic Fortune, Asian Fortunes and many more! Head to the slots with one of the most famous themes that represent the perfect combination of fun and earnings.

Play Win Win Won and enjoy a slot with three reels and a unique way of playing!



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