1 Million Megaways BC – great ways to win millions!

An icy adventure arrives, the action of which takes place long, long before the creation of the world as we know it today. It is a 1 Million Megaways BC video slot, which moves us to the Ice Age, most likely to the Paleolithic, to the prehistoric age.

Below you will find an overview of this slot, where you will find out:

  • Details of the slot, how many paylines it owns and how to win
  • It’s all about the symbols – which are, which provide instant payouts, and which trigger bonus functions
  • What are cascading columns and how can they help you get even better payouts
  • How through consecutive winnings to multipliers and bonus games with sticky wilds
  • How from 117,649 to a million paylines

In addition to the icy adventure, the 1 Million Megaways BC video slot features some elements that all online casino players love. These are cascading columns, multipliers and free spins with sticky wilds!

So, this video slot offers a lot, and find out what else there is in this review. Find out more and prepare to spin at your favorite online casino.

Video slot 1 Million Megaways BC provides more than 100,000 paylines!

The special charm that the 1 Million Megaways BC video slot brings with it are the cascading columns. Namely, this slot comes to us with six columns, and the number of rows changes with each spin, resulting in a different number of paylines.

You can notice after only one spin, a number will appear above the columns indicating the number of paylines.

Take for example that the slot displays the number 10,800, so the number of possible paylines will be 10,800. And so up to 117,649 paylines in the base game!

In the bonus game, this number is much higher but it will be discussed a little later in the text.

1 Million Megaways BC
Multiplier x6

Form more winning combos to open the bonus game and provide multipliers!

And what are cascading columns? After one winning spin, you will notice that the symbols that participated in the winning combination disappear from their places. In their places, the symbols that were above them until that moment are lowered, they take their places, and they give theirs to new symbols.

By stringing several paylines in a row, you achieve a series that leads to the bonus game!

1 Million Megaways BC
Cascading columns

Before we move on to the bonus game, let’s look at the base game of the 1 Million Megaways BC slot once again. As you move down the paylines, you get multipliers that apply to each subsequent win.

So after the first win, your multiplier will be worth x2, and after each subsequent one, it will double! With such sequences, we come to the maximum magnification of x8, which you will achieve after four consecutive wins.

This is where the bonus game comes into play, which starts after a series of four winnings when you get eight free spins!

Free spins can also be purchased, if you are impatient, by pressing the Buy Free Spins button in the upper left corner.

Start a bonus game and enjoy its benefits!

With each subsequent win after the fourth, you get two more free spins, up to a maximum of 14 free spins.

In addition, after each gain, the value of the multiplier increases by x1. That’s not all!

Another central column will be created in the middle, which can contain up to nine symbols when it will reward you with an additional five free spins.

1 Million Megaways BC
Bonus game; new column and multiplier x23

Each column that appears with seven symbols will remain locked and show seven symbols each time. In addition, it will add one free spin and increase the multiplier by x1. The other columns continue to change their number of symbols, as before.

Collect sticky wilds to increase profits

One special symbol appears within the bonus game of the 1 Million Megaways BC slot, and it is a sticky wild. So, it is a regular wild symbol that replaces all the symbols of the video slot but it also has a special function.

These symbols will appear in the center column when locked and remain in place. It is possible that these wilds will descend within that column when they will take a new position. Also, it is possible to order nine wilds in all nine positions of this column.

1 Million Megaways BC
Sticky wild

What we didn’t mention is that the number of paylines increases in the bonus game, and climbs to the number of 1,058,841 paylines! More than a million ways to win in the 1 Million Megaways BC slot!

Admit that you see something like this for the first time. So, race to an online casino and try this game that offers you literally a million ways to make a profit!

Get to know the symbols and their payouts in the 1 Million Megaways BC slot menu and your casino adventure can begin!

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