Alaskan Fishing – the perfect way to make a big catch!

The game maker Microgaming presents to you a new game Alaskan Fishing, which takes you to the coldest part of the North American continent. Experienced anglers know that Alaska is a real paradise for anglers. Alaska will really offer you a variety of fishing opportunities. The most famous river in Alaska is the Kenai. Fishermen already know that it is also known for its giant specimens of the royal moose. Play the new Alaskan Fishing slot and catch some big payouts.

Alaskan Fishing, online casino bonus
Alaskan Fishing

This game is set on five reels in three rows and has 243 ways to win. It is enough to connect a minimum of three matching symbols into three adjacent reels, starting from the first reel on the left.

Alaskan Fishing has no classic card symbols. The symbols of the least value are the hook and the fishing machine. These five payline symbols will bring you twice as many bets. Then follows a fishing boat and a small plane that is also used for fishing. Next in value are the eagle and the grizzly bear that holds the fish in its teeth. The red and yellow fish logos are next in value.

The big fish will bring you ten times more for the five matching symbols on the payline. The next symbol in terms of payout is the cup. There are also three important symbols of the game, and these are the bonus symbol, the wild and the scatter.

The Wild changes all symbols except bonus and scatter symbols. Its main function is to help them form winning combinations. It can also form a winning combination composed of his own symbols. The Wild is represented by the logo of the game itself and bears the inscription Alaskan Fishing.

Alaskan Fishing – activate the Fly Fishing Bonus and free spins feature!

The bonus symbol is represented by a fisherman with a cap and sunglasses. This fisherman was caught the moment he cast his hook. If you manage to get two of these symbols on the reels, one on the first and the other on the fifth reel, you will activate the Fly Fishing Bonus. There will be another picture in front of you. You will see a fisherman in front of the river and several pools in the middle of the river. There is one fish in each vortex. It is up to you to choose five. Fish carry the multiplied value of your stake. The multipliers are from x2 to x15. When you’re done, the values ​​of all five fish caught will add up and your account balance will increase by that much.

Bonus, Alaskan Fishing, online casino bonus
Fly Fishing Bonus

The scatter symbol bears the inscription free spins. This is the only symbol that pays in all directions, wherever it is found on the ridges. Three or more of these symbols will activate the free spin feature. You will be awarded 15 free spins. Also during this function all gains will be processed by multiplier two. During this function, free spins, as well as a bonus function, can be restarted. If both functions are started at the same time, the bonus function will always be played first and then the free spins. Five scatters on the reels will bring you 100 times more than your stake!

Free spins, online casino bonus
Free spins

The RTP of this video slot is an excellent 96.63%.

The graphics are really amazing and the animations are authentic. Whenever you run one of the bonus functions the background changes. The soundtracks in the winning combinations are dynamic and contribute to the sense of adventure.

Play this great game and fun and adventure will not be missed. Alaskan Fishing – a good way to big lead!

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