Aureus – an unusual online casino slot game!

With the Aureus video slot, you will experience an unusual adventure. The gameplay and symbols in the slot, which originated from the collaboration of Crazy Tooth Studios and the Microgaming provider, will take you on a journey that is not common in slots. The game is inspired by Jupiter, who stands next to the columns and conducts the game. The winnings come from collecting coins in parentheses, which we will discuss in more detail later in this review of the casino game.

The setting of the online casino game Aureus is on seven columns in five rows with unusual symbols, in the form of coins with numbers written on them. The game relies on the Coinverge system, which basically means that you need to place brackets around the coins to collect them. The slot does not have the usual payline, but with the help of brackets, you come to winning combinations, where you can make winnings up to 2,000 times larger than the stakes.



As for the theme of the online casino Aureus game, you will see Jupiter on the right side of the slot, and it is clear to you that he is the central figure, standing in front of his temple. The unusual seven-column game area is on the right, and there are brackets and various coins in the game, which lead you to casino winnings.

The Aureus video slot comes with an unusual way to play!

It may seem complicated because it represents the new system of gameplay in the world of slots, but in fact, it is very simple and it will attract you even more. It is recommended that you try the game in the demo version of your chosen online casino, for free, to get better acquainted with the symbols and rules of the game.

Bet selection works the same way as in any other slot. On the right side of the screen are commands for adjusting the stakes, as well as a button to start the game. There you will also find the Autoplay button, which is used to play the game automatically. The information section is located in the menu, which you will easily enter when you press the three horizontal lines.

The Coinverge system relies on coins that descend on columns and on brackets that appear in the game. These brackets are used to collect the symbols contained in them. It is not so important whether the coins match, but only that there are brackets of the same type on both sides of the area, and in that way, coins are collected.

Online Casino Bonus
Online Casino Bonus

Four of the seven columns are used to display parentheses, while coins can be collected in three columns. It should be noted that one high opening bracket will be available in columns 1, 3 and 5 while one high closing bracket is present in columns 3, 5 and 7. These brackets are painted red and have a size that allows one row to be elected.

The next thing you need to know is that the two opening brackets contain two rows of symbols, along with the two high closing brackets, they land on the same columns as the previous one. Then, the three high opening brackets work the same way, but now you can insert three rows of coins into them.

Use the multiplier and Respin bonus to win big winnings in the Aureus slot!

As for the value of coins in the Aureus slot, they are divided into high-value coins, medium-sized coins, and low-value coins. In addition to all this, you will notice multipliers of which the multiplier x2 increases winnings 2 times. The x3 multiplier works in the same way and it will increase the prizes by three times. Then you will notice the multiplier x4, which increases the prizes by four times, while the multiplier x5 will increase the prizes by five times.


The Aureus video slot also has a coin upgrade bonus feature during which low and medium-level symbols are converted into high-value symbols. A bonus called “Collect Column Coins” will also appear in the game, where coins are collected from the columns in the collection area. And in the end, you get a Respin Coin bonus, during which you can be rewarded with 2, 3 or 5 respins.

Due to its unusualness, the Aureus video slot will attract the attention of all types of players, and you can play it on all devices, wherever you are.

Enjoy collecting coins of different values ​​in parentheses, and turn it into casino winnings while mighty Jupiter watches over you on the columns of the Aureus slot.