Bun in the Oven – casino slot with delicious treats!

The 1 × 2 Gaming software provider takes you to a pastry shop with a Bun in the Oven video slot, where you will have the opportunity to bake different buns and top them with pounding and whipped cream. The chef will help you in this endeavor, and the game is designed so that you reveal the symbols with a baking glove as if you were playing a scratch card game.

This online casino game has three columns and nine paylines, where you will join the chef to make treats with the help of a baking glove. With this glove, you discover treats on the slots in the style of scratch cards. To win, you need to discover at least three of the same symbols, that is three of the same treats.

Bun in the Oven

Set the number of stakes before the game starts, and that is the only customizable feature in the game. In the game information section, there is an auto-sample game object, which allows you to predict outcome patterns for auto-play.

The design of the columns is associated with treats, and the colors are matched to range from small to large prizes. Purple sweets have the lowest value, while red sweets have the highest value.

Slot Bun in the Oven brings sweet fun to the columns!

The theme of the game is cooking, where a capable chef is waiting for you, who makes interesting treats, but the background of the game is static, in green. The graphics in the slot are great, and the soundtrack matches the theme of the game and makes you feel pretty nice while making treats.

The game Bun in the Oven is not played on full screen, which is a bit of a drawback, but many players like that style of play. Theoretically, the RTP of the game is 96%, which is in line with the average. The maximum payout is 1,000x the stake.

To play the Bun in the Oven slot, you will need to click on the button in the upper right corner after starting the game. This button generates the game setting, volume, column outcome, and transaction history. Then press X to return to the game. The betting window appears as you play and you can adjust the bet as you see fit. Finally, press the double arrow to start the game.

Online Casino Bonus

The symbols you will see in this slot are red buns, gold buns, yellow and green buns, as well as blue and purple buns. Three winning symbols are required for the winning combination. As we already said, the maximum payout is 1,000 times the bet.

This is the kind of online casino game that has no free spins bonus, nor wild and scatter symbols. Instead, you will discover the appropriate symbols, as if you were playing a scratch game, and you need at least three symbols to win.

The online casino game Bun in the Aries is optimized for all devices, so you can play it on a desktop computer in your home, as well as on a tablet and mobile phone, somewhere in nature. You can also try the game in a demo version at your chosen online casino, and learn how to play it.

Bun in the Oven

This game looks great to play, but there is no user control over its play, and this can make the player feel like the game is in automatic mode without the necessary interaction. It would be more interesting to play if the buns were animated and to have more interaction with the chef, whom we notice only after the winning combination when he appears with a treat and shows you that you have prepared it perfectly.

Enjoy making buns in the Bun in the Oven slot, help the chef, try something new while discovering the symbols with a baking glove, as if you were playing a scratch game.

If you are hungry and like games with a culinary theme, take a look at the game Cake Valley, from the casino game provider Habanero, where you have the opportunity to make different types of cookies. In the Cake Valley game, in addition to delicious cakes, you will also enjoy bonus free spins, as well as valuable wild symbols.

Whichever game with a culinary theme you choose, enjoying the food is guaranteed, and playing brings special fun.


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