Circus Fever – feel the pleasure of great winnings!

Despite all the differences that all casino players have, one thing that all have in common is the desire for great winnings. Each player aims to get the maximum possible payouts from the slots! Circus Fever can be found in the online casino games category and offer no free spins, bonus rounds or classic bonus games. However, the exceptional feature is the high chances of possible big winnings. 

The game involves a clown throwing a ball from the top towards the bottom that contains marked fields each with a different value.

Circus fever

Circus Fever, Expanse, Online Casino Bonus, Expanse
 Circus Fever, Expanse, Online Casino Bonus

 Circus Fever – a smaller or larger multiplier – it’s up to you!

 Everyone will have a different focus – those who take less risk will opt for x2 or x3, which also takes up most of the space at the bottom of the screen. For players who are risk-takers and want more profit, betting even 30 times or 60 times is the best choice. 

However, what makes this game different from the unlimited payout, are the two obstacles in the form of two and five multipliers. It creates a bonus when the ball comes in contact with the multipliers. The game then starts again from the beginning, and each result is multiplied by the value of the multiplier.

The game has no limit and you can multiply your win to as many times as you desire. 

 In this way, players with lower stakes are given a chance to, with a little luck, reach a higher result. 

 The game has a simple and amazing design for betting on a falling ball. That way the game can even be played by people who have no experience in online casino games.

 The game doesn’t bring excitement like other video slots based on bonus rounds or the spirit of adventure, however, the functionality, great design and addictive sound will you make focus and play!!

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