Video poker Deuces Wild Multihand – Strahinja the first millionaire!

Originating from its famous ancestor, poker, the video poker is one of the most popular games at online casinos next to certainly the most popular slots. Switched from traditional slot-like poker machines, poker has received various releases. Some of them have appeared in the form of Texas Holdem poker, Omaha, 5 Card Draw and 7 Card Stud poker. There is also the increasingly popular type of video poker Deuces Wild, which includes wildcards in the form of deuces, in addition to standard cards.

Many poker fans opt for this type because it provides a much higher chance of winning because of the joker. Winning always means a lot of fun, which is what all casino players strive for. To meet the needs of players, Expanse Studios has made its own video poker edition Deuces Wild Multihand!

Four deuces in Deuces Wild Multihand poker brought Strahinja a million

Deuces Wild Multihand video poker has been around for a while, and has finally got its first big winner. It’s about Strahinja P, who loves poker so much that he has tried all possible types of poker and video poker. Of course, it was the turn of video poker Deuces Wild, which Strahinja had to try because of the jokers who always add adrenaline to standard poker.

Video poker Deuces Wild Multihand
Video poker Deuces Wild Multihand

Video poker Deuces Wild Multihand is a game in which players aim to provide the best possible hands, in order to win the game. As one of the two additions, the player will be helped in this goal by jokers in the form of doubles, which give the game a perfect turn because the combinations with them are more numerous. The second addition can be read in the name of this poker – Multihand, which means playing multiple hands at the same time, specifically 25. However, considering that he is a fan of traditional poker, Strahinja decided to play one hand.

A thorny road to millions in the game Deuces Wild Multihand

Strahinja made his first win by winning three kings in the first hand, after which he asked for a replacement of two cards. The second division brought him another king and two, and with the first three kings, his hand resulted in the outcome of five of a Kind. Deuces Wild Multihand paid 75,000 dinars to Strahinja for this combination of four kings with a deuce, which replaced one king! Quite a solid amount for a short playing time, but his goal was a million. So he continued his journey by investing more and more money, which is why he spent a good part of the amount won. But he had to play all or nothing.

Video poker Deuces Wild Multihand
Video poker Deuces Wild Multihand

He continued his difficult journey persistently, investing 5,000 dinars per hand, which dangerously exceeded his budget, risking losing his first win. The next division offered him two doubles, a three of spades, a queen of hearts and a week of hearts. He held the doubles and took a deep breath, praying that his next hand would be a winner. And so, out of the blue, he got two deuces that he was missing – hearts and spade, and so he significantly increased his balance. The outcome of Four Deuces, i.e. four doubles, on a bet of 5,000 dinars is worth around 1,000,000 dinars! Having exceeded a little over a million dinars, winning a total of 1,050,000 dinars, it can be said that Strahinja’s prayers were answered. So he entered the Expanse Studios poker list as the first winner in video poker Deuces Wild Multihand.

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