Vampires vs Wolves – a horror showdown in a new casino game!

For fans of horror online casino games, a real treat is coming. When it comes to horror themes, do you prefer werewolves or vampires? The next slot that comes to us from the game manufacturer Pragmatic Play is a fight between these two categories. Vampires vs Wolves will delight and entertain you. Choose your side in this fight and win some great prizes. Read more about this game below.

Vampires vs Wolves is a horror slot that has five reels in three rows and 10 paylines. You cannot change the number of paylines. All winning combinations are counted exclusively from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left. To make any winnings you need to connect at least three symbols on the payline.

Vampires vs Wolves, Online Casino Bonus
Vampires vs Wolves

Only one winning is paid out on one payline. If you have more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination. The sum of winnings is possible if these winnings are made on different paylines.

The Autoplay function is available at any time and you can activate it at any time. The plus and minus keys, in the lower right corner, will be used to place bets.

About the symbols of the Vampires vs Wolves slot

We will start the presentation of the symbols with the symbols of the lowest payout value. These are the card symbols spade, diamond heart and club. The strongest among these symbols is the spade. These five payline symbols will bring you 10 times more than your stake.

The next six symbols are divided into three groups according to the payout value. These six symbols are divided into pairs and each pair consists of one werewolf and one vampire. The first pair of symbols consists of two young men. Five of these symbols in the payline yields 18 times more than your stake. The blonde and red-haired girl are the next pair of symbols. Five of these symbols in the winning streak will bring you 30 times more than the stakes. The last pair of vampires and werewolves are men, who will bring you 80 times more than the stakes for the five symbols in the winning streak.

In addition to these basic symbols, there are wild and scatter symbols.

The wild symbol is marked with the Wild logo that changes all the symbols, except the scatter, and helps them form winning combinations. The Wild appears on all reels and is the highest paid symbol of this game. Five of these symbols in a winning streak yields 100 times more than the stakes!

vampires vs wolves2
The Wild

There are two scatter symbols, one representing a wolf and the other a castle. One appears in the first and the other in the fifth reel. When they appear at the same time and fill the first and fifth reels, you have activated a round of free spins. After that, you will have two choices:

  • Free werewolf spins
  • Vampire free spins
Vampires vs Wolves
Choose the type of free spins

During free werewolf spins, you get 14 free spins. The main symbols are transformed into wolves or werewolves. All wolf and werewolf symbols during this round are interconnected when they are next to each other. They practically have admixtures of wild symbols in this bonus game.

vampires vs wolves4
Free werewolf spins

When the vampire free spin bonus game is activated, you will be rewarded with eight free spins. The three main symbols turn into vampires. One of the wild symbols has the ability to turn into a wild symbol. That symbol will be a sticky wild and will remain in that position until the end of the round of free spins.

The game Vampires vs Wolves is set in a dark street, which contributes to the horror atmosphere. The music is appropriate to the theme of the game. The symbols are presented down to the smallest detail.

Vampires vs Wolves – choose the right side!

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