Diamond Blackjack – a table game that brings double the winnings

Diamond Blackjack 3 hand is a game that belongs to the table games category. The uniqueness of this game is that it allows players to place bets up to three places during one hand. The player can choose during each hand whether to play in one, two or even three positions. If he decides to play in more positions, he will play one by one, from right to left.

Diamond blackjack

Diamond Blackjack, 3 hands, Mb Games, Expanse, Online Casino Bonus

 Diamond Blackjack, 3 hands, Mb Games

The game follows the classic rules of the Blackjack game. The goal is to make the sum of the cards close or equal to 21, never beyond that. In doing so, the player must have a better score than the dealer. Cards from two to ten carry certain values. The King, Queen and Jack have a value of ten, and the Ace is worth one or 11.

Although Blackjack is a card game and depends much on luck, the skill of the player is still a significant factor. A player can draw more cards at any time or stop if he is satisfied with the sum of his cards. They are also various popular options in Blackjack that help the player to make a better win or a smaller loss. These includes split and insurance, double bets and a draw.

Each standard win against the dealer brings a double win, and each perfect set of cards (21 with two cards) brings two and a half times the winnings from the stakes!

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