Fortune Dogs – an unprecedented online casino adventure!

Has it ever occurred to you that your favorite pet might be leading a double life? It’s not such a weird idea when you think about it, is it? The Fortune Dogs video slot deals with the secret lives of pets, and we bring you an overview of this game. Continue reading and you will learn:

  • Details of the slot, what mechanics are used and how to get paid
  • Which symbols provide winnings and which trigger bonus features and games
  • What are double and triple symbols and what is their function
  • How many free spins await you in the bonus game
  • How good progressive jackpots are

Fortune Dogs – a fun casino game for all animal lovers

It is impossible that it never occurred to you where your dog is hiding while you are persistently calling him to return home! Provider Habanero seems to have conducted a survey in which more than half of the people said they believed in this theory, and secured it a place under the online casino sky. Get ready, Fortune Dogs video slot is coming!

Fortune Dogs 
Fortune Dogs slot symbols

The wacky Fortune Dogs video slot with a multitude of functions comes to us from the standard five columns in three rows and has amazing graphics, which will take you directly to the planet of dogs. You will notice that this is a Chinese-themed slot, and in the background, since the columns are transparent, we can see standard intertwined buildings.

The symbols are very clearly displayed and ready to captivate you with their irresistible portraits! In addition to dogs, we also have card symbols in the form of hearts, spades, clubs and crowns, which are symbols of lower value.

These basic symbols make payments only horizontally if collected in adjacent rows. In addition, each payline with at least one regular symbol will be paid out in each row individually. This is a specific payment method, which does not depend on the payment lines, as you might have guessed.

Fortune Dogs – your pets keep your back!

You will be delighted when you hear what your cute pets have come up with this time. Lower any of the dog symbols on the first column and it will double, playing two symbols and paying off.

Fortune Dogs
Doubled symbol values

But that’s not all. If you find dogs as symbols in the first and fifth columns of the Fortune Dogs slot, they will turn all the same symbols on the board into triple versions of themselves. So, the payments are tripled as well.

Fortune Dogs
Tripled symbol values

In addition to the basic symbols, there are also special, in the first yarn, presented with a box of Chinese food, and he, of course, replaces all the basic symbols and builds paylines with them.

In addition to the role it plays in building paylines with other symbols, the wild can also pay for combinations of its own symbols. However, only if you collect five of the same. If you are that lucky, you will increase your stake by an incredible 10,000 times! What’s better than that – you ask?

Well, we will prove to you that there is better! Collect three scatter symbols in the form of a dog’s paw and, not only will you make cash winnings, you will also get eight free spins. Much better, huh?

Even when we tell you that this symbol makes payments in whatever field it is … that means you don’t look at the paylines (because there aren’t any!), You just count the money! In addition, if you collect three more Bonus symbols, you will add eight more free spins to your solid stock of free spins.

Fortune Dogs
Three scatter symbols

Let’s continue with the special symbols of the Fortune Dogs slot. The second special symbol is the Bonus symbol, which has no paying power and appears in all columns except the first. Its charm is that, whenever it is in the columns, it will be added to the counter of one of, watch out now, four jackpots!

So, it will be added to the Mini, Minor, Major or Grand Jackpot counter.

Plus, when you collect these three symbols and open an unprecedented Prize Pot bonus feature!

Collect bonus symbols to win one of four jackpots!

Run the additional Prize Pot function of the Fortune Dogs slot and 15 coins will appear on the screen, each of them hiding coins of a different value and a different color. Discover a gold, silver, bronze or pink coin and collect three of the same and you will win the contents of the jars that hide the jackpots, which will be multiplied by the total stake! Wondering what the jackpot prizes are?

  • The value of the Mini Jackpot is x10 and can reward you by increasing the total stake up to 200 times,
  • The minor jackpot is worth x30 and can increase your total bet 600 times,
  • The major jackpot is worth x100 and increases your total stake by 2,000 and, sweetest at the end:
  • If you win the Grand Jackpot, which is worth x500, you will increase your total stake by an incredible 10,000 times!
Prize Pot
Fortune Dogs

We are sure that there is no need to persuade you to embark on this adorable adventure. Just look at those adorable dogs with more than great features! Look for Fortune Dogs at your favorite online casino and enjoy spinning.

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