Frog Story – a fairytale online casino game!

Fans of fairy tales and mysticism will be happy with the new video slot Frog Story, which comes from the casino game provider EGT. This online casino game with perfect graphics will take you to the famous story of a frog, a kiss, a prince and a princess, with a multitude of exclusive bonuses, for big winnings.

Frog Story
Frog Story video slot

The designers of the game brought the fantasy and mystery of the fairy tale to the columns of the slot in a perfect way. The game takes place in a forest with lush vegetation and intricate plant roots. You will be delighted by the sight of a clear stream, in which colorful flowers are reflected.

The whole game is bright and bathed in the sun, which contributes to a better playing atmosphere. The setting of the Frog Story game is on five columns in three rows and 20 paylines, with beautifully designed symbols inside the columns.

Before you start exploring this online casino game, you need to get acquainted with the control panel located at the bottom of the slot.

You can easily set your stakes to the keys marked with 20, 40, 100, 200 and 400 numeric values. An Autoplay button is also available, which is used to play the game automatically.

Feel the fairytale atmosphere in the Frog Story slot!

If you want to learn more about the values ​​of the symbols and the rules of the game, you need to press the blue button marked with the letter “i”. You can turn off the sound options as desired on the button on the left.

Frog Story
A winning combination with a wild symbol

It is time to get acquainted with the symbols of the Frog Story slot, which are divided into two groups and correspond to the theme of the game.

As with most other slots, the card symbols A, K, J, and Q have a lower value and are offset by frequent appearances in the game. Next to them, you will see the symbols of the treasure chest, the bottle, but also the symbols of the prince, princess and wizard.

The prince and princess symbols have the same value while the wizard symbol is the most valuable regular symbol in the Frog Story slot, and for the same five, you can win 3,000 points.

The wild symbol in the slot is represented in the shape of a frog, while the scatter symbol is represented in the shape of a castle. Each symbol is full of details and starts moving during the winning combination, which creates a beautiful scene.

The wild symbol has the power to extend to the entire column when it appears, and you can see it on all columns except the first. Also, this symbol can change all symbols, except scatter symbols, thus helping better payout potentials.

Enjoy the game of gambling and the possibility of winning the jackpot!

The Scatter symbol has the highest payout value and for 5 of these symbols on the payline you can earn 10,000 points. With most slots, the scatter rewards the bonus with free spins, but that is not the case here.

A significant bonus function of the slot is the Toppling Reels Multiplier, where after each win, the winning symbols disappear and new symbols come in their place. If a new winning combination then appears, its value will be multiplied by two.

Frog Story
Toppling Reels Multiplier

Each time during the Toppling Reels Multiplier, if a new winning combination occurs, the value will increase by one.

Another interesting bonus game awaits you in the Frog Story slot and it is a mini bonus gambling game, thanks to which you can gamble your winnings, which is less than 700 points.

You enter the mini bonus gambling game with the Gamble button, which appears on the control panel when gambling is possible. All you have to do is guess the color of the next randomly selected card, and the colors available for guessing are red and black.

Frog Story
Gambling feature

In addition, in this online casino game, you have a chance to win one of 4 progressive jackpots, whose values ​​are at the top of the game.

Bonus Jackpot Cards can appear at any time and you will be shown 12 cards from which you choose certain cards, and for the three corresponding ones, you can win the jackpot.

The Frog Story video slot has an interesting theme, enchanting graphics and exclusive bonuses that can take you to big wins.

Play Frog Story at your favorite online casino and enjoy fairytale winnings.



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