Hexaline – a unique and fun online casino game

A new unique game in the world of online casino slots has appeared! We are not sure if we can call this game a slot at all and if you read this text, you will see why. Hexaline is a new release from the kitchen of the provider Microgaming and comes to us in the form of a unique game that will capture your attention! Get ready to enjoy the game that comes with a bonus game in which it depends on your strategy but also luck, whether you win or lose.

Hexaline – a refreshment in the online casino world!

The online casino game Hexaline is a game with a completely new concept, great graphics and interesting music that fits perfectly into the mystical design. When you find the game in your favourite casino, you will see that this game has 18 hexagons on the board, after which the game got its name. They come in different colours and with different values. From purple to pink and white, all symbols have different values ​​that are highlighted on the main board.

The look of the game

To win, you need to arrange the symbols from left to right. The Wild, represented by a pink and white hexagon, will help you with that! This symbol will replace each symbol and participate in winning combinations, increasing your chances of winning. There is another good way to win bigger winnings!

Cascading reels increase the chance of winning

These are cascading reefs. Each time you make a winning combination, the symbols that participated in it will disappear from the reels. In their place will come new symbols that can further form new combinations and give way to new symbols. This means that, in theory, you can have an unlimited number of Respins.

Cascading reels

Hexaline also has a bonus game powered by the Win All symbol. Three or more of these symbols will trigger a casino bonus game if found anywhere on the reels. So, they do not have to be lined up from left to right, it is enough to take any seats! This bonus game will allow you to win many prizes for free! What it is?

Mysterious hexagons open a fun bonus game

When you open the bonus game, you will find 18 yellow hexagons in front of you. However, the first reel will be covered with question marks. It is up to you to choose one hexagon and find out what awaits you next. You can get an arrow pointing to the right, an arrow pointing to the left and an X to indicate the end of the game. If you get the first arrow, another reel like this will open and you continue to choose. Navigate the board by selecting the arrows and avoid the Xs that interrupt the bonus game. The game ends with an X symbol or when you open all the fields, which brings you a very nice profit!

Bonus game

If you decide to try this interesting online casino game, the excitement and winnings will not be missed. Try the innovative game prepared for you by Microgaming and enjoy a slightly different edition of the slot. So, if you are tired of slots, we have a solution for you. Hexaline will help you cut down on time and fill your pockets!

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