Space Evader Gold – Do not get mad, man in a futuristic way

If you like board games, you will also like the next game that we will present to you. Risk, card games, Do not get mad, man, monopoly. These are all games that connected us. This time we will present you with another move strategy. The game is set in space, and the “little greens” are the main characters. Whoever played do not get angry, man, and rushed through the fields to place their pieces in the house, will be thrilled with this game as well. We get the electronic version of the game Do not be angry, man, but this time strengthened by some dynamic functions.

At Microgaming, they seemed to be very inspired by this popular board game when they devised a new game to include in their offering. Play Space Evader Gold – an exciting turn-based strategy that takes you back to your childhood.

Scape Evader Gold
Scape Evader Gold

The whole point of this game is to help the little alien return to his spaceship. How can you help him? In front of you will be a road with 47 fields and various obstacles. The last field is the very entrance to the spaceship in which the alien must be loaded.

As we said, the game is very similar to the game Do not get mad, man. Spin the dice and whatever number of dice fit, you will make so many steps with the little alien. But be careful, there will be various obstacles in front of you. There are prizes. You have eight rolls to roll to bring the alien back to his spaceship.

Space Evader Gold – bypass the obstacle and use the help on the way to the spaceship

In front of you are four different obstacles or aids on the way. We will now present them.

  • Yellow numbers – yellow numbers show how much money you will win if you land on the field marked with yellow numbers. Depending on the size of your bet, the numbers can be smaller or larger. Of course, if you get closer to your goal, the rewards themselves grow linearly.
  • Skeleton Skull – Avoid this sign in a wide arc. If you step on this field, the game is automatically finished and returns you to the starting point from which you started.
  • Green teleport machine – This sign, as the name suggests, is used for teleportation. You will see two of these signs along the way. If you land on one, it will teleport you directly to the field where the other sign is.
  • Gold Crystal – If you stop at this place, you go directly to the spaceship that will show you a “spinner” with great prizes.

There are two ways to get to a spaceship. The first is with the help of the dice themselves and the second is with the help of a gold crystal that takes you directly to the spaceship. When you arrive, you will be shown a “spinner” with big prizes. Something like a point of happiness. At which digit the wheel itself stops, the balance on your account will be increased by that figure.

Space Evader Gold
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On the road, you will see certain traffic signs, a giant eye, all of which perfectly adorn the design of this game. The game is futuristic and when you click on the roll you will hear computer sounds.

Space Evader Gold – show the little alien the way to the spaceship and you will be richly rewarded!

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