Hip Hop Panda – casino fun comes with multipliers!

Another great video slot from the provider PG Soft is hidden behind the title Hip Hop Panda, a slot that introduces us to a VIP party where superstar Panda will host some of the most important personalities of the animal world. There will be everything on the cascading reels – a multiplier that will change on the tape, a bomb that will spread symbols in the surroundings and free spins, but above all – fun. Hurry up and get your ticket on time, you don’t want to miss this performance!

The online casino slot Hip Hop Panda is one of the slots provided by Pocket Games Soft, a company that specializes in the production of casino games for mobile phones, above all. So far, we have been able to try our hand at playing various thematic achievements of this company, such as the one with a penguin or ninjas and samurai, and now it’s time for something a little more modern. It is a hip hop competition in which the famous star, Panda, chooses his next protégé, the next big star!

A great hip hop spectacle awaits you in the Hip Hop Panda video slot

This is a standard online casino realization, characteristic of this company, it has three reels in three rows and is not far from the classic slots, if we look only at the symbols. In the first place, symbols that appear often are cards J, Q, A and K. Next to them are the two fruit trees – cherries and watermelons. This group of basic symbols is joined by a bowl of ramen noodles, a bell and the Lucky 7 symbol.

Hip Hop Panda
Hip Hop Panda slot layout

These symbols should be arranged in combinations of three or more symbols, which should be connected horizontally, vertically or diagonally, in order to win. Once the symbols make a combination, they will disappear from the reels with an explosion, ensuring that the symbols above them fall into place. We are aware of this system that we saw its review on the cascading reels tutorials here.

The slot also the Wild symbol, which is the special symbol of the game that will assist in forming winning combinations with basic symbols by replacing them. The inscription “wild” represents the Wild symbol that cannot replace its own symbols.

From multiplier x2 to multiplier x30 – increase the value of your winnings

It is a good time to mention that Hip Hop Panda has one strip, which is located above the reels. In the first line you will see the values ​​of the multiplier, and in the second you will see randomly selected symbols, each with its own multiplier. Before the start of each spin, the symbols that will be in the bar are selected, except for the wild, bomb and scatter symbols. If one or more winning combinations on the game board match any of the symbols in this bar, the multipliers of those symbols will affect the winnings of that spin and further increase your balance.

To make things more interesting, cascading reels fall into the story. Each time the resulting sequence starts, one by one the multiplier will fall out of the rotation, i.e. strips, and disappear, giving way to a larger multiplier. Thus the value of the multipliers will increase, starting from the starting x2 multiplier, ending with the multiplier x30, in the basic game.

Start the resulting sequence with the explosion of a bomb that will remove the symbols from the reels we stopped at special symbols. In addition to the Wild, the Hip Hop Panda video slot has two other symbols that can be classified as special: the bomb symbol and the scatter symbol. The first symbol will be especially interesting and useful for you because it is in charge of removing symbols from reels, even special ones. It starts its function during the unprofitable spin, when it is found in several copies on the game board. It will then explode and destroy all the symbols around it, creating a winning streak, which can continue after the blast, if you have material on the reels to continue the winning streak.

hip hop panda
An exploding symbol

Win free spins and increase your winnings by multipliers up to x50

As for the last special symbol, it is represented by the Free Spins +3 symbol, and introduces you to the bonus game. Unlike most slots, here it is enough for the scatter symbol to appear in one copy on the reels and start a bonus game with free spins. This game starts with three free spins, if you started the game with one scatter symbol, but scatter symbols also appear in the bonus game, adding three more free spins for each scatter on the reels. There is a change in the multiplier bar, which in the bonus game will carry multipliers of values ​​from x5 to x50, which will be applied to your winnings.

Hip Hop Panda
Free spins of the Hip Hop Panda slot

The online casino slot Hip Hop Panda is a very interesting casino achievement that comes to us in the form of a video slot for mobile phones. This game can also be played via desktop sites, but it’s a real pleasure to try it from a mobile phone. In addition to a very nice theme, superb soundtrack and decent graphics, this video slot also offers a tape with multipliers that will only alternate as you lower your winnings.

These strings have provided you with cascading reels, which will prolong your spin and make it more fun. Let’s mention the bonus game with free spins, and exploding symbols, which will remove superfluous symbols from the game board, starting the winning sequence.

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