Cascading reels of video slots

Cascading Reels, Rolling Reels, Tumbling Reels or Falling Reels, all of these terms indicate one feature of video slots that we are increasingly encountering. We had them in Megaways slots, which are almost a mandatory detail of such slots and we also find them in slots with classic paylines. But, first of all, what are cascading reels?

The term cascading reel refers to the reels of the slot within which the symbols change. This shift is not random but refers exclusively to the symbols that participated in building the winning combination. Such symbols are folded in cascading reels and their place falls the symbols that were above them before the win. Thus, the old symbols give way to new symbols which further form gains with the old symbols, extending the resulting sequence.

Cascading reels with multipliers

The most common cases of winning streams in cascading reels come with multipliers, Respins or running bonus games. A great representative of the multiplier slot that comes with a winning streak is the Vegas Magic video slot, provided by Pragmatic Play. This is a slot in which with each wins the multiplier on all winning combinations increases by 1, which brings us to a theoretically infinite multiplier.

Cascading reels
Vegas Magic, Pragmatic Play

However, there are several types of slots with such multipliers within cascading reels. One of the representatives is the video slot of the provider Expanse StudiosMaya’s Treasure. This is a standard video slot comes with paylines, which is not often the case with slots with cascading reels. So, unlike Megaways slots, in this video slot, the winnings do not change the number of winning combinations, the number of paylines remains the same. Maya’s Treasure also differs from Vegas Magic slots in that the value of the multiplier is not infinite. Thus in the basic game, this multiplier varies from 1 to 100 times, as much as can be achieved in the bonus game.

Cascading reels - Maya's Treasure, Expanse Studios
Cascading reels – Maya’s Treasure, Expanse Studios

Video slots with cascading reels leading to a bonus game

There are also games where consecutive paylines lead to bonus games. One such slot is the 1 Million Megaways BC video slot, provided by Iron-Dog. Although this slot has the aforementioned multipliers whose value grows with each win, 1 Million Megaways BC also offers a bonus game. To open a bonus game, you need to make a winning streak of a minimum of four winnings which opens a bonus game in which free spins are played. Multipliers play a major role here as well as doubling their value with each win.

Cascading reels
1 Million Megaways BC, Iron Dog

Winning streaks lead to Respin

After the mentioned video slots with cascading reels that have multipliers and open bonus games, there are also video slots that come with Respins. A great example of such slots is the Mayana video slot, which features winning combinations instead of paylines and multipliers. The cascading reels of this video slot are conducive to creating paylines that will continue with Respins with locked symbols. These symbols serve to connect with other symbols make a win and continue the resulting string with the Respins. By extending the game-winning Respins, the number of winning combinations increases as well as the bonuses that are won.

Cascading reels of the Mayan slot, provided by Quickspin
Cascading reels of the Mayan slot, provided by Quickspin

Video slots with cascading reels are intended for fans of video slots who can enjoy additional benefits such as multipliers, free spins and Respins. However, since there are also simpler video slots with cascading reels, there is no reason why fans of classic slots should not try them as well.


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