Jackpot to an incredible win

Do you like to play online slots? Have you ever managed to win the jackpot by playing your favourite slot games? Dario M. just managed to take down a big jackpot while playing one of his favourite games at the Online Casino. With the help of jackpots and magical free spins, he managed to reach the figure of 579,900 RSD. Few people can boast of such a jackpot, read the rest of the text and see what it is about.

The telic game with which Dario made a big win is called Wolf Gold and is brought to the Online Casino by the game manufacturer Pragmatic Play. Dario was so lucky that he won a big jackpot but he also added the amount of money won during free spins. That led him to this magical figure.

Jackpot to an incredible win
Wolf Gold – jackpot to an incredible win

We tried to find out in the story with him what his path to great gain was like. Read the rest of the text, a short interview with the lucky winner awaits you.

After a year and a half, Dario was happy with the jackpot

Hi Dario. First I want to ask you how long have you been playing slots?

Bye. I do not play slots for too long. I have been using online casino services for maybe a little over a year and a half. But I have been actively playing for maybe the last year.

Which games do you prefer?

First I choose the jackpot games. I always wanted to take off a big jackpot and I finally succeeded. But of course, those are not the only games I play. I like to play with books or fruit trees sometimes. Although honestly, my adrenaline works the most when I play roulette. Those who have not tried roulette have not felt a real rush of adrenaline at the casino.

Why did you choose Wolf Gold?

I have played that game a couple of times already and it is always been interesting to me. Aside from the jackpot that caught my attention the most, other things caught my eye. For example, when you open free spins, giant symbols appear. If the Wild appears as a giant symbol you can win huge money.

Dario withdrew 579,900 RSD from his account

How did you manage to get this amount?

I immediately placed a slightly stronger stake. My tactic is to play all or nothing. I always wanted to take off some big scalp. I set the bet at RSD 300 per spin and soon managed to open free spins. In one of the spins, the Wild appeared as a giant symbol. From that spin alone, I managed to win close to 85,000 RSD.

jackpot to an incredible win
Free spins

That gave me the wind in my back, so I increased my bet to RSD 500 per spin. Twice I managed to open the Respin Bonus game but the slot did not open. As they say, the third happiness followed. I reopened the Respin Bonus game. I managed to fill all 15 symbols on the columns with the symbol of the month and that brought me a jackpot worth half a million.

In the end, I withdrew 579,900 RSD from my account. I knew I would be rewarded with a jackpot someday but this was faster than I expected. It could be said that the factor of happiness was decisive in the end.

Jackpot to a great figure

Do you have any idea what to do with the money won?

Since I am studying, part of the money will surely go to my obligations related to college. The second part is already planned. Since I almost passed the driving test I think I will buy a solid car. I have already picked up some cars, just to consult with someone who understands me a little better than me.

Thank you, Dario and good luck in the future.

Thanks and I hope to see you some more time. (Laughter)

The Online Casino witnessed another magical story spiced with a jackpot. If you have not yet created an account at one of the online casinos, now is the time to do so. You may also win some of the welcome bonuses, so they bring you good luck.

Enjoy fun with the online casino.


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