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If you follow the work of our portal, you have probably read several amazing stories about online casino winnings so far. There are many stories that are mentioned throughout our area and that will be told for a long time. Some of them happened from one hand or spin, for some winnings a lot of effort had to be invested, but in the end they all brought happiness to the users of online casinos. In the next part of the text, we will present you some of the biggest gains that are being talked about.

Nero’s Fortune brought Dejan a fantastic 1,149,000 RSD

If you thought that it was impossible to make a million profit in the world of online casinos, Dejan is a classic example that will convince you. The famous Roman emperor Nero delivered Dejan 1,149,000 RSD. During the basic game, Dejan won close to 200,000 RSD with the help of great multipliers, but they didn’t want to stop there! He was waiting for a bonus game that brings even bigger multipliers and in the end it paid off!

online casino
Dejan left an incredible 1,149.00 RSD through an online casino

After that, there was a gain he never dreamed of! A bonus game that brought him great multipliers and took his balance for 1,050,000 RSD which brought him an incredible 1,149,000 RSD. This is just the first proof that you can make fairytale winnings in the online casino world, and in the next part of the text, more proof awaits you.

A millionaire from the back

Hot online casino winnings can also come with sweet fruit trees, and the real proof of that is the online Fruit Party slot that comes to us from the game manufacturer Pragmatic Play. One of the regular online casino players, Denis, made a million win. Like the previous slot, this one brings great multipliers. But this is an unusual game in which there are no paylines and all that matters is that the symbols are connected to each other.

online casino
Fruit Party

That’s exactly what happened to Denis. Denis put together a series of 15 stars in a row and made a great win! The key to the great win that Denis got was not from the stars but from the multipliers. Eight of these fifteen stars carried certain multipliers, so the product of the multiplier was x256! That is the thing that brought him 1,620,000 RSD from the spin! From this moment on, Denis became a lucky number!

Happy lady from happy lady RSD1, 000,500 via online casino

One lady broke all prejudices. We have been hearing for a long time about how online casinos are played by men in most cases. A girl with initials O.G. has proven that women also love to play online slots, and not only do they love it, but they can make amazing winnings! She was the one who found a game with a feminine theme, Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe and that game made her a millionaire.

Online casino winnings3
Lucky Lady’s Charm Deluxe

She made a solid bet and with the help of luck she reached 270,000 RSD but then the real party begins. O.G. went for all or nothing and set her bet at $ 1,000 per spin. She played for a long time and it didn’t work out, she spent 60,000 RSD but then a magical spin happened! Five wild symbols in the winning streak brought her 900,000 RSD from the spin! This enabled her to win RSD 1,100,500.

Who say women don’t play online casino games? The women proved once again that they are perhaps the best players, and O.G. is definitely an example of that.

The lucky number was brought by A.V. again that will be talked about for a long time

In some cultures of certain countries, the belief in lucky numbers is woven. But each of us has a lucky number, whether it is a number related to some beautiful event in life, whether the date of birth is decided by everyone. A.V. from Vršac has always had a lucky number, 29 and that is the day of his birth. And that very number brought him the gain that will be talked about.

Online casino winnings4
Titan Roulette

He played the game that brings the most adrenaline in the world of online casino games, it is of course roulette. He opted for Titan Roulette by game maker Expanse. He shot the number 29, but also the numbers that are in his vicinity. He placed his bet at RSD 500 and after minor ups and downs, he had RSD 255,000 in his account! After that, magic happens! He hit the number 29 in the head several times in a row, which led to a great profit of 2,130,340 RSD! The biggest win we’ve written about so far.

Place your roles too, play Titan Roulette, maybe you are the next winner to be talked about!

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