Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition brings great gifts!

Another New Year’s story is behind the title Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition, which comes to us from the online casino game provider Kalamba. In addition to this holiday theme, this video slot also offers more options for winning bonuses. In addition to the Hyper bonus, there are bonus jackpots and bonus games! The classic slot with fruit trees received reinforcements in the form of really beautiful functions. Find out how the New Year holidays are celebrated in your favorite casino!

Once he sees the board for playing this video slot, the player may think that it is a classic slot. Since it shows classic fruit trees on the ridges, it can deceive you to think that it is classic. However, go into the information of the game and you will find out that it contains much more than the fruit itself.

Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition
Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition slot symbols

Santa brings presents

Santa Claus appears as the key character of this slot because it comes to us as a wild symbol in five variants! He appears on the reeds as a blanket with a red cap, but with different values​​on him. What’s the point of that? When one of these jokers participates in the winning combination, he will increase it as many times as the value he carries. It is up to you to select the value of the joker that will appear in the game before playing. The Joker can replace all symbols except bonus and jackpot symbols.

Play the Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition on four different levels

The Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition video slot can be played on four different levels with different multipliers and free spins:

  • First level – wildcards with a value of x1 and 5 free spins,
  • Second level – wildcards with a value of x2 and 8 free spins,
  • Third level – wildcats x3 and 12 free spins,
  • Fourth level – wildcards worth x5 and 15 free spins.
Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition
Choose your level

There is something called the Hyper Bonus that gives players the opportunity to buy free spins if they are impatient. The levels we presented above actually relate to the Hyper Bonus level you purchase. When you collect three bonus symbols, you will start the Free Spins bonus game. Which one will be, it depends on the level at which you play.

There is also a way to provide more free spins. Fill the star scale and get three more free spins!

One of the four jackpots can be yours!

The Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition video slot also features a jackpot. And four jackpots: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. All you have to do to win one of these four jackpots is collect the Jackpot tiles. To win one of the jackpots you need to:

  • Collect 7 or more of these symbols and win the Bronze Jackpot
  • Collect 9 or more Jackpot symbols and win the Silver Jackpot
  • Collect 12 or more of these symbols and you will win the Gold Jackpot
  • Collect 14 or more Jackpot symbols and win the Platinum Jackpot!
Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition
16 bonus symbols

This slot is very easy to play. Everything you need to know is listed in this text, just press the arrow on the black background and start turning the reels! Collect symbols to get winnings and bonus games or simply buy free spins and cut down on time. Play Joker Supreme X-Mas Edition in your favorite online casino and let the fun begin!