Knights of Fortune – Knights bring you rewards!

The Spearhead provider takes us back to medieval times with the Knights of Fortune slot. The slot is spread over five columns with cascading symbols, bonus free spins, wilds and multipliers.

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The Knights of Fortune slot setting is on five columns in three rows of symbols and 243 ways to win. The RTP is 96.20%, and the volatility is high.

knights of fortune

Slot Knights of Fortune has a medieval theme and a lavish design with a soundtrack that fits perfectly into the game. The higher value symbols have a colorful design, while the lower value symbols are made in Gothic style with a chain at the end.

The game has cascading symbols that fall from above when the paylines are removed from the columns. To the left of the columns are three collection gauges, the first of which takes effect when the wilds land on the columns.

Slot Knights of Fortune brings you valuable prizes!

The Wild will be collected and when five are collected, more is guaranteed in free spins. The next meter is a multiplier that is run by both blue and green knights. The multiplier will increase by one in every five knights collected.

And finally, there is the free spin bonus meter, which increases when lower value symbols are collected on the gold shield. Here, too, five symbols are needed to access the bonus.

On the right side of the slot is the control panel with all the necessary options for the game. Clicking the Bet +/- button opens a menu where you can select the size of your spin.

An Autoplay function is also available, which you can activate at any time. You can place up to 100 spins through this function. You can also set limits on your winnings and losses.

Knights of Fortune Online Casino Bonus

Also, you have the option to adjust the volume as desired or simply turn it off. You can see your current balance in the Balance section. If you want to speed up the game, you can do so with the Turbo button.

With the “i” button you can enter the information menu where you are shown the symbols and their values. You can also read the rules of the game here.

The symbols in this game are tailored to the theme and divided into two groups, lower value symbols and higher payout symbols.

Symbols that have a higher payout value are shown with a blue knight, a green knight, an ax and gloves.

Symbols with a lower payout value are shown with card symbols A, J, K, Q and 10, which appear more often in the game, and can compensate for the lower value.

The Wild symbol is the highest paid in the game and can change other regular symbols.

Win bonus free spins!

Now let’s see how you can run bonus free spins in the Knights of Fortune slot.

Each gold symbol that accumulates will fill one of the five sectors in the free spin counter. When five is collected, the indicator will read one of eight. When it reaches eight out of eight, 8 free spin are awarded.

Knights of Fortune Online Casino Bonus

Every five wilds collected in the Wild meter will add one to the meter counter, indicating the number of wilds on the columns in free spins. The accumulated multiplier will also be included in the free spins, but will not increase at this stage of the game.

The game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it on your mobile phone. Also, the slot has a demo version that allows you to try the game for free at your chosen online casino.

Slot Knights of Fortune is a beautifully designed game by Spearhead, and the round of free spins has additional bonuses packed within the game.

What will keep your attention in this game is the collection of symbols in the gauges on the left. The game is adapted to all types of players, both veterans and beginners.

Play the Knights of Fortune slot at your chosen online casino and win valuable prizes.


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