Rooftop Fight – a slot inspired by street fights!

The online casino game Rooftop Fight comes from the Spearhead provider and has a street fight theme. This 30 payline game has bonuses that include cascading winnings, a bonus feature and pay multipliers up to x50.

Find out all about:

  • Themes and features of the game
  • Symbols and their values
  • How to play and win
  • Bonus games

In the online casino game Rooftop Fight, you need to choose your fighter to start the game. You will love the modern twist in this retro game. The game has a multitude of features including multipliers and a lucrative bonus feature.

rooftop fight

Slot Rooftop Fight has an extremely well-designed environment with flawless animations and appropriate sound effects. The pink and green symbols are simple but effective which means that the lack of symbols does not negatively affect the gaming experience.

When you load the game, you will see the fluorescent lights of the cityscape. A colorful color palette was used to highlight the characters. The RTP of the slot is in line with the average, and the game has low to medium volatility.

At the bottom of the slot is the control panel with all the necessary options for the game. Clicking the Bet +/- button opens a menu where you can select the size of your spin.

Slot Rooftop Fight offers a chance for big wins!

An Autoplay function is also available, which you can activate at any time. You can place up to 100 spins through this function. You can also set limits on your winnings and losses.

You also have the option to adjust the volume as desired or simply turn it off. You can see your current balance in the Balance section. If you want to speed up the game, you can do so with the Turbo button.

Rooftop Fight Online Casino Bonus

With the “i” button you can enter the information menu where you are shown the symbols and their values. You can also read the rules of the game here.

You can try the game in a demo version at your chosen online casino for free, and it is optimized for all devices, so you can also play it via mobile phones.

When playing the Rooftop Fight slot you can place a minimum bet of 0.30 and a maximum of 30 coins.

Unlike most slots, this game does not have a standard payout table, instead, a combination of pink and green symbols will unlock different wins.

Landing 24-25 green symbols or pink symbols will trigger x100 winnings. Landing 21-23 green or pink symbols will trigger an x50 win.

At the beginning of the Rooftop Fight slot, you will be asked to choose one of the four characters to play with. Each character has its own special characteristics.

The rabbit has the power of chaos and when activated, it will cause the mixing of all symbols. The robot has a freezing ability that will freeze all symbols of one color while others are replaced.

Rooftop Fight Online Casino Bonus

The disco has a wave function that can send a wave of symbols of the same color across the screen. Money has the ability to punch that can make a 2 × 2 hole and add 4 symbols of the same color.

When the game starts, players can choose to change characters. When symbols of the same color land on the columns next to each other, a cluster of victories will be formed.

After each victory, all winning symbols will be removed from the columns and replaced with new symbols. Up to 10 cascades can occur during each round.

Win prizes in the bonus feature!

Slot Rooftop Fight also has a bonus feature, which is played as follows. Namely, at the beginning of each round, players will see that the bonus bar is in the middle.

After each win, the bonus bar will move left or right depending on which color was responsible for the win.

When the bonus bar reaches the far right or far left position, players will unlock the bonus feature.

During the bonus game, you will be invited to choose a weapon. The fighters continue to fight their opponent until the winner is decided. The bonus game ends when the player or his opponent achieves two victories as follows:

  • Win 2: 0 – x50 multiplier
  • Win 2: 1 – x30 multiplier
  • Win 1: 2 – x10 multiplier
  • Win 0: 2 – x5 multiplier

If you enjoy unusual and simple games, Rooftop Fight is the right choice, and you can win impressive winnings.

Play the Rooftop Fight slot at your chosen online casino and make valuable winnings.