Lucky Lightning – Greek-themed jackpot slot

Take advantage of the celestial power of the gods with the Lucky Lightning slot, which comes from the casino game provider Pragmatic Play. This online casino game is inspired by the gods of ancient Greece and abounds in exclusive bonuses such as:

  • Bonus free spins
  • Wild Respin Bonus
  • Bonus Money Collection
  • Progressive jackpots

The Lucky Lightning video slot uses the power of the mighty Zeus who can award big prizes to those who adore him.

Lucky Lightning
Lucky Lightning

In this online casino game, you have the option to launch Wild Respin and Money Collection bonuses by landing wilds on columns 1 and 2, where you can get special coin symbols that bring prizes up to 500 times the stakes.

The great thing is that in the Lucky Lightning slot, this way you can win one of three progressive jackpots.

Moreover, you can win between 10 and 50 bonus free spins played on six columns. If the Wild Respin and Money Collection bonuses are then launched, the size of the game can become even larger.

So, as you can conclude at the very beginning of the casino game review, the game Lucky Lightning awaits you with a great theme, great graphics and animations, and best of all, there are a multitude of bonuses that lead you to heavenly good payouts.

Lucky Lightning
Bonus Respin

The theme of the Lucky Lightning slot is ancient Greece, and the main role is played by Zeus, who is shown as a regular symbol with the highest payout. Of the other symbols, you will see Hera, Minotaur, Gryphon, Pegasus and five card symbols.

Immerse yourself in ancient Greece with the Lucky Lightning slot!

In addition to these symbols, there are wild and scatter symbols with possessive stakes as well as three types of money symbols.

The Lucky Lightning game setup is on five columns in three rows with 243 winning combinations, and one lucky spin can bring you a jackpot. During the bonus round of free spins, the number of columns in the slot expands.

Some of the main features of the game are Growing Reels, that is, rising columns, free spins with additional wild symbols and Double Respin.

Theoretically, the RTP of the Lucky Lightning game is 96.45%, and the game has a high variance. As for the jackpot that the game offers, it can be 10,100 times bigger than the stakes. The game has three jackpot values:

  • Silver jackpot
  • Gold jackpot
  • Platinum jackpot

An interesting mechanic that the game has is the possibility of changing the screen size. Randomly, while playing the basic game, or if you get free spins, the screen size may change. By changing the screen size, the winning combinations may increase.

Exclusive bonuses bring wealth!

The wild symbol of the Lucky Lightning slot is represented by a lightning bolt set in gold. Its role in the slot is powerful, and it only appears on the first and second columns.

The slot also has money symbols, which show three coin values ​​and are present in columns 3 – 6. Money symbols come as platinum, gold and silver coins, and each carries a specific cash prize.

Lucky Lightning
Free spins

A great thing happens when you get wilds on the first and second columns, because then the game area expands and a sixth column is added, and a coin symbol appears there. The slot turns the money symbols into sticky ones, and then Respin happens on columns 3-5 for better payout potentials.

Now things are getting a little more complicated. Namely, instead of collecting all the money symbols, you collect only those that can pay in the way with the wild symbol shown in columns 1 and 2.

Each cash symbol pays a random amount, and the payout range is between x1 and 500x more than the stakes. There are also fixed jackpots in the Lucky Lightning slot that are paid through this bonus feature.

The video slot also has a bonus where you need wilds on the first two columns, along with money symbols present in all positions on the next 3-4 columns. If this happens the prize shown on the money symbols is paid double.

Win bonus free spins!

The attraction of the Lucky Lightning slot consists of bonus free spins, and the wonderful news is that you can win between 10 and 50 bonus free spins. To activate the bonus round of free spins, you need to get three or more scatter symbols on the slot’s columns at the same time.

Lucky Lightning
Bonus Respin

During the bonus round of free spins you play on a 6 × 3 grid but the last 4 columns can be further expanded to 4 symbols each during the Respin bonus.

You can also win bonus free spins again during the bonus round by getting additional scatter symbols.

The Lucky Lightning video slot has a great theme and powerful graphics with lots of exclusive bonuses.

Play the Lucky Lightning slot at your chosen online casino and win big winnings.


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