Marvelous Furlongs – horse racing in a casino game

Horse racing is very popular and attracts the attention of a large number of people, and in the Marvelous Furlongs slot, you will enjoy the competition of jockeys in horse racing. This online casino game comes from a Habanero provider with perfect graphics and animations, and best of all, the game is full of bonuses.

Marvelous Furlongs
Marvelous Furlongs

The developers from the Habanero studio really worked hard on the graphics and the overall look of the game. You will enjoy animations and acrobatics performed by jockeys on horses.

In the background on the left side of the game, you will see horses at the time of the race, while on the right side there is a calendar, which has a special role, which we will discuss in more detail later in this review of the casino game.

Embark on horse racing with the Marvelous Furlongs slot!

The columns of the slot are placed on a gray background with a green frame, inside which are excellently designed symbols. At the top is the Jackpot Race window, which highlights the start time of the next race as well as the number that can be won.

Marvelous Furlongs
A winning combination with a wild symbol

The Marvelous Furlongs slot is thematically related to horse racing and offers appropriate symbols for its positions. Symbols of a higher value are represented by jockeys and horses in various colors, while symbols of lower value are represented by horseshoes in various shades of color.

At the bottom of the game is a control panel with all the necessary options for the game. Before you can win the Marvelous Furlongs slot, you need to adjust the size of your bet on the control panel in the Bet +/- section, and then press the Start button to start the game.

An Autoplay button is also available to play the game automatically a number of times. It is recommended that you look at the information section and get acquainted with the rules of the game.

The Marvelous Furlongs slot setting is on five columns in four rows and 15 paylines. The good thing is that the gains count in both directions.

Enjoy exclusive slot bonuses!

Some of the special features of the slot include wild symbols, bonus Respin, stacked symbols and bonus free spins with horse racing mechanics built into them.

It’s time to dedicate ourselves to the special symbols and bonus rounds that the Marvelous Furlongs video slot has.

Marvelous Furlongs
Big Win

To begin with, it is necessary to present the wild symbol of the slot, which comes in the shape of a cup and appears on columns 1, 3 and 5 in the basic game.

The wild symbol serves as a replacement for regular symbols for better payout potentials. At the same time, this symbol acts as a scatter when awarding free spins, which we will discuss in more detail below.

If a single-rider compound symbol appears in full size on the slot’s columns, it will trigger a bonus called Moving Stacked Respins.

Then this symbol becomes a wild that moves and goes one by one position to the right, in columns. Respin is started after each movement. When it reaches the last column, it will unlock and leave the play area. During Respin, wild symbols are removed.

Marvelous Furlongs
Bonus Respin

Win bonus free spins in many ways!

Another great feature of Marvelous Furlongs is the Calendar option. Here’s what it’s all about. One day passes for every 4 turns you go through in the game.

You are guaranteed access to bonus free spins when you reach the first Saturday of the month, with the exception of May. In May, you will receive a wonderful version of free spins instead.

There is another way to activate bonus free spins in the Marvelous Furlongs slot and that is with the help of scatter symbols. Namely, getting three or more wilds, that is, scatter cup symbols on the slot’s columns at the same time, will activate a bonus round of free spins.

Players will be rewarded with 9 bonus free spins where the horse of your choice will represent you in the race. During free spins, horses progress when they are included in winning combinations.

Depending on the position you end up in, you can get an additional reward of up to 500 coins. In the miraculous version of free spins, the prize for finishing the race in the first position is 25,000 coins.

The Marvelous Furlongs video slot is excellently designed with bonuses and an interesting calendar system that guarantees the launch of free spins.

Play the Marvelous Furlongs slot at your chosen online casino and enjoy unique horse races with bonuses.


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