Midas Coins – an interesting online Greek-themed casino slot!

Dive into Greek mythology with the Midas Coins video slot coming from the Quickspin provider, with exclusive bonuses. In this online casino game, you have the opportunity to collect coins for impressive casino winnings and enjoy free spins. What you will especially like is that when the king appears with silver coins at the same time on the columns of the slot, he will turn them into gold coins, and award you a cash prize.

The Midas Coins video slot is based on the legend of King Midas, and as most of you know, this king turned everything he touched into gold. Thus, he turns the symbols of lower value in this slot into gold, that is, symbols of higher value.

Midas Coins
Midas Coins

The graphics of the slot are top-notch, which we are used to when it comes to the slots of this casino game provider, and the game has a great look with interesting symbols. As symbols of higher payment value, you will see various forms of jewelry, such as a necklace, ring and earrings, and there are also gold and silver coins. Lower value symbols are card symbols A, J, K, Q, which appear more often, thus compensating for their lower value.

The Midas Coins video slot takes you to big winnings thanks to bonuses!

The Joker symbol is shown in the form of Marigold Wild, that is, the daughter of King Midas, and can replace all regular symbols except the King Midas symbol and the Satyr scatter symbol. The symbol of the king appears only on the last column and has a special role in turning silver symbols into gold ones.

Theoretically, the RTP of the game is 96.02%, which is a shade above average, and the game has a corresponding royal soundtrack. It is recommended that you try this online casino game for free in the demo version of your chosen online casino.

Midas Coins
Online Casino Bonus

The Midas Coins slot has medium volatility which means that winnings will be paid out more often in a combination of higher and lower payouts. Also, the game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it on your desktop, tablet, and smartphone.

Before stepping into the kingdom of King Midas, adjust the height of your stake at the bottom of the game, and there is a Start button on the right. There’s also an Autoplay button, which you can use to automatically rotate columns, a certain number of times. For more information about the game itself, press the three horizontal lines, which lead you to the payout table and the rules of the game.

For the winning Midas Coins slot combination, you need to place the appropriate symbols on 25 paylines, from left to right. The daughter of King Midas, who is a wild symbol and can change regular symbols, can help you with that. The maximum payout is 5,000 times the stakes in the Midas Coins slot, which is really tempting.   

The king turns silver coins into gold coins for cash prizes! 

As for the bonus, we have already mentioned that King Mead has a special role when he appears on the fifth column and turns the symbols of silver coins into gold symbols, rewarding you with cash prizes.

There are 4 levels of silver coins, each of which offers different payouts. Namely, in the first level you can reach a payout five times larger than the stakes, in the second 15 times larger than the stakes, while in the third level the payout can be up to 50 times larger than the stakes, and in the fourth level the payout reaches up to 500 times your bet.

Midas Coins
Bonus free spins

In addition to all this, the Midas Coins slot also has bonus free spins, which are activated with the help of three or more scatter symbols. You will then be rewarded with 12 bonus free spins,  during which the coin collection function runs smoothly. So, whenever you get coins, they are collected in a pile next to the slot columns. Then, when King Midas appears, you will collect the value of the coins as a reward.

The nice thing is that bonus free spins can be reactivated by adding just one more bonus symbol during the round. For one additional scatter symbol, you get one additional free spin, for two scatter symbols you will be rewarded with three additional free spins, while for three additional scatter symbols, you get 5 additional free spins.

The Midas Coins video slot brings great fun to the slot columns and leads to a great gaming experience with exclusive bonuses. The collection-style bonus, as well as the bonus free spins, will keep your attention at a high level while you play this online casino game.



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