Power Play Tip Top Totems – Jackpot Slot!

Are you ready for an adventure in the jungle, where jackpots are waiting for you? The new Power Play Tip Top Totems video slot, inspired by Aztec culture, takes you straight into the jungle, which is rich in bonuses and jackpots. This online casino game comes from the Playtech provider, with a plethora of exclusive bonuses, and a Totemania feature, which allows you to advance up the ladder where big winnings are hidden.

The Power Play Tip Top Totems setup consists of five columns in three rows and 20 paylines, with superb graphics and exclusive bonuses. The main goal in this slot will be to climb the bonus meter on the totem pole, which is located on the right side of the column until you reach the bonus and jackpots.

Power Play Tip Top Totems
Power Play Tip Top Totems

The biggest payout is 500 times your bet, and you need to climb the 11th step of the ladder, collecting free spins and jackpots. In addition, the game has multipliers and valuable wild symbols. As for the regular symbols, they are divided into two groups. The first group consists of high-paying symbols presented in the form of totem masks, of which the red mask is the most valuable. The second group consists of the symbols of cards A, J, K, Q and 10, which have a slightly lower value but appear more often.

Power Play Video Slot Tip Top Totems takes you to top wins!

Slot Power Play Tip Top Totems has medium volatility which means winnings don’t happen that often, but when they do they have a higher value. In addition, climbing with a bonus meter brings a higher chance of winning. Also, the winnings come from the symbols in the basic game.

It is recommended that you try the game in the demo version of your chosen online casino, where you can get acquainted with the game and the values ​​of the symbols. The nice thing is that this game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it wherever you are.

Power Play Tip Top Totems
Online Casino Bonus

Before you start conquering this exciting online casino game, place your bet at the bottom of the slot, on the Bet +/- button, and start the game on the Spin button. The Autoplay button, which is used for automatic playback, is also available, and if you want the columns of the slot to rotate faster, all you have to do is turn on Turbo Mode.

What will definitely delight you is that the Power Play Tip Top Totems game is full of bonuses, in the form of wild symbols, multipliers, free spins, and there are also Power Play jackpots.

The main bonus feature is based on the Totem Bonus or Totemania ladder, which you need to climb, and is located on the right side of the column. One of the most popular symbols to look out for is the wildcard, which can act as a replacement for any symbol other than the scatter symbol.

Win valuable jackpots and free spins with multipliers!

As for the Totem Bonus ladder, the goal is to achieve as many consecutive winnings as possible. The more winnings you achieve, the more you climb the ladder, and Totem Meter is also a place that will provide you with bonus free spins and multipliers.

Let’s look at how we get to the bonus on the ladder. For a start, five wins in a row will reward you with 5 free spins, one random joker and an x2 multiplier. For ten consecutive winnings you get 10 bonus free spins with two jokers, and a multiplier of x2. For seven wins, a Tip Jackpot awaits you, which is 40 times bigger than your stake.

Power Play Tip Top Totems
Power Play Tip Top Totems

Next, for winnings of eight times in a row, you will be rewarded with 15 bonus free spins, three wild symbols and a multiplier of x3. If you are lucky and reach nine wins in a row, the Top Jackpot awaits you, which is 100 times bigger than your stake.

And for the end of climbing the ladder, two great prizes are waiting for you. Namely, for ten winnings in a row, you will be rewarded with 20 free spins, up to 4 wild symbols and a multiplier of x4. And if you are lucky and win eleven wins in a row, you win the highest level of the Totem Bonus meter and you will be rewarded with a jackpot, which is 500 times bigger than your bet.

Enjoy the Power Play Tip Top Totems game where the central feature is the Totem Bonus, which is exciting and interesting and will keep the attention of the players at a high level. You will especially like climbing the ladder, and the bonuses you can win are more than attractive.



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