Monster Madness – a casino game of unusual characters

Another casino game comes from provider Tom Horn Gaming and announces the madness of winnings. Monster Madness is a video slot with an interesting futuristic theme and plenty of bonus features. Exceptional animation and graphics will enchant all players.

This interesting casino game combines the monster theme with a futuristic feel. The game has three columns, unlike the usual five and eight fixed lines.

However, game features include scatter symbols with wilds and bonus free spins during which multipliers appear.

Monster Madness
Monster Madness

In the background of the Monster Madness slot, you can see the city scene. A big city that contains many tall buildings and an unusually blurred sky. Also, vehicles from the future can be seen in the city.

There are rails around the whole city on which the fast train runs. The picture looks magical and the developers have put a lot of effort into making everything look real. Each spin is accompanied by rock music, which gives the game extra charm. Outside the columns on the helicopter runway is a monster cheering for the winning combination.

Monster Madness – unusual monsters reward with bonuses!

The symbols in this slot are monsters but unusual in appearance, smiling and colorful, so players will adore them. The lower value symbols are cards A, J, K, Q and 10.

They are accompanied by symbols of higher values ​​such as the orange, red and pink monster. The pink monster pays six times more than your stakes, while the little blue cyclone pays three times more than your stakes.

Monster Madness
Online Casino Bonus

The wild symbol in the slot is a computer graphic that looks like a target. It looks like a circle within circles and, if you get three on the line, expect to win up to 60 times the stakes. The wild symbol may change symbols other than the scatter symbol and the wild symbol.

The scatter symbol of the Monster Madness slot is presented as a big green eye and can award a bonus of free spins.

However, before you step into this exciting game with an unusual theme, you need to place your roles on the control panel. Place the desired bet on the Bet +/- button and press the Start button to start the columns. The Start key is represented as an inverted arrow.

Also, there is the Gamble button, which appears after each winning combination. Just above it is the Collect button, which is used to enter the winnings. An Autoplay button is also available for players who like to automatically rotate the columns a certain number of times.

The Bet Max key serves as a shortcut to automatically set the maximum bet. The Menu window is used to find out more about the game itself, but there is also an option to set the Turbo mode. Of course, players have the ability to adjust the volume on the control panel.

Win bonus free spins!

What interests everyone is how the bonus free spins feature is activated. Bonus free spins are activated by landing at least three scatter symbols simultaneously on the slot columns. The scatter symbol is represented in the shape of a large green eye.

Players will be rewarded with 5 bonus free spins, but if you get one scatter symbol again you get an additional free spin bonus.

The great thing is that during free spins there are two Wild symbols – one assigns an extra free spin and the other add multipliers.

It is possible to fill the entire screen with these symbols for an incredible payout and up to 200 times the stakes. This way, by getting an extra free spin bonus for each scatter symbol, players can win 11 free spin bonuses.

Also, during free spins, multipliers appear that double the winnings, and if more than one is combined, you can expect a great payout.

Gamble function – the possibility of doubling the winnings!

Also, it should be noted that the Monster Madness video slot also has a Gamble function, ie gambling. During this feature, players have the opportunity to double their winnings by guessing the color of the next card. The available colors for guessing are red and black, and the chances of winning are 50/50.

The Gamble key appears on the control panel after each winning combination. If you do not want to gamble your winnings further, simply press the Collect button.

Interestingly, when you enter the gambling option, the slot columns move a bit, the background of the game darkens and a new screen with the gambling option appears. Really nicely done slot.

Monster Madness
Monster Madness

The developers of the Tom Horn company are bravely rushing forward with their casino game releases and Monster Madness is an example that they do a great job. The theoretical RTP of this game is 96% and the game has medium volatility.

Also, the game has a demo version, so you can try it out before investing real money. Another nice thing is that the game is available on all devices, both on the desktop and on the tablet and mobile phone.

For players who like an unusual theme, this fun game with bonus free spins is the right choice. You will have fun with unusual monsters and make money. The rock music in the background is a pleasant surprise and goes well with the theme of the game.

Play the Monster Madness video slot at your favorite online casino and have fun.

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