Multipliers Mark brought great wealth to the casino!

Online casino player Marko P. was lucky to be the first to meet the treasure of Eldorado in the first week of the premiere of the great game Maya’s Treasure. Cascading reels of video slots with multipliers that increase their value after each win. How does that sound to you? So who wouldn’t be tempted to try? The game is set on the already mentioned cascading reels, which count the winning series and accordingly, count the multipliers. Through the win of Mark P., we will show you how this works.

Multipliers with cascading columns bring unprecedented gains

As part of the basic game, Marko J., after some time, managed to collect five symbols of the Indian. This symbol helped him to realize 25,000 RSD, but also to move on to the next multiplier, as he continued the winning streak. He added 1,000 RSD to this amount with the multiplier of 2, managed to win another 1,000 RSD. You understand how this system works. Thus, in the basic game, there is an opportunity to make a multiplier of 4 for four consecutive winnings, which will increase it. He managed to make a monetary gain in the amount of 178,500 RSD by combining the symbols of a Skeleton’s head, an Owl, a Jaguar and a Chief, Carved in stone!

Maya’s Treasure slot layout

Since Marko saw that he could make a great profit with the help of multipliers, he decided to increase the bet to 400 RSD. There is a little more risk at stake now, but the opportunities are greater.

The multipliers in the bonus game go up to x50!

In addition to the basic game, Maya’s Treasure also features a bonus game that is run by collecting Scatter symbols in the form of Jade gold coins. Marko collected four of these symbols, which introduced him to a bonus game in which he won 15 free spins with richer multipliers! Watch out now.

Multipliers in the basic game
Multipliers in the basic game

After several unprofitable spins, he received five purple Diamonds and a multiplier of 4, which brought him to the sum of 12,000 RSD. The series continued with four dragons, four owls and five skeletal heads, and the multiplier grew in order – 8, 12 and 40 times! The calculation is as follows: four dragons 24,000 RSD, four Owls 12,000 RSD, and five Skeletal heads 640,000 RSD all in just one spin, thanks to the cascading multiplier reels!

His path to the wealth of Eldorado did not stop there. As part of these 15 free spins, he managed to collect five more symbols of the chief in the penultimate spin. This, with the multiplier of 4, brought him another 200,000 RSD on bet 400 and extended the series to the multiplier of 8. Then, Marko combined four Diamonds with a Wild, represented by Maja and won an additional 16,000 RSD.

With the winnings so far, his final profit was 1,082,500 RSD!

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