Premier Roulette – a perfect blend of classics and glamor!

Roulette is known to be one of the oldest and most popular casino games. Players around the world enjoy this fun and simple, but very exciting game. As one of the most famous manufacturers of casino games, Microgaming knows the importance and popularity of this game, and has therefore created a new, great and advanced version of roulette – Premier Roulette!

What everyone is interested in, is how to play and what functions this great version of Premier roulette has.

Premier Roulette is a European type of roulette and the objective of this game is to guess the number or group of numbers to which the ball will fall. At the roulette point, there are 36 numbers and a zero, a total of 37 fields. The numbers are arranged differently, alternately red and black and only the zero is green. This game has Inside/Internal Bets and Outside Bets / External bets like any version of European roulette .Premier Roulette also has advanced betting options.

Premier Roulette – follow the perfect trajectory of the ball!

What are the advanced options in Premier Roulette?

One of the functions of Premier Roulette is “Bets Track” which allows you to place groups of bets on roulette. The player can place the bets on Neighbor Bets and Call Bets. “Neighbors Bets” is the number on which the player can place the “Straight up” bet, (two numbers on the left and two on the right) of the roulette point direction. “Call Bets” are a group of bets placed on roulette at the same time. This function is only available in “Expert Mode“. Call Bets are available on Bets Track runners which are Les Orphelins (covers eight numbers per roulette point), Tiers du Cylindre (covers 12 numbers), Voisins du Zero (the combination of bets covering 17 numbers). Red Splits and Black Splits represent roles on four red and seven black splits.

Točak ruleta
Premier Roulette, Online Casino Bonus

Microgaming has also paid special attention to graphics, so the overall look of the Premier Roulette game promises top-notch enjoyment. At the top of the screen of this game, you will see the roulette wheel itself. Next to it, there are small buttons for video zoom, gain details, normal and turbo speed mode. You can spot the elegant history cards that indicate previous bets. It is necessary to mention another great button offered by this version of roulette is the Table button. With this button, you will have the ability to change the look or colour of the roulette itself. If you would like to see the previous numbers, simply select the Statistics option. In the lower part of the screen and you will come across several useful actions such as undoing, repeating and deleting.

Enjoy activating the video zoom to take a closer look at your winning number or simply immerse yourself in the beautiful feeling as you follow the ball around the roulette wheel. Theoretically, the RTP (return to player percentage) of this game is 97.30%.

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