Ra Ra Ra – great bonuses will be delivered to you by the Sun God

The Egyptian Sun God can bring you top casino bonuses! Try your luck in the Ra Ra Ra slot!

Another video slot that deals with the theme of ancient Egypt is in front of you today. Great design, amazing graphics and magical sound effects will evoke the feeling of Egypt.

Wilds are waiting for you, spreading to entire columns, Respins, free spins and much more.

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The name of the new slot is Ra Ra Ra, which obviously says that the producers of games in Microgaming were strongly influenced by the Egyptian Sun God.

If you want to know more about this game, we recommend that you read the following text, which is followed by a review of the Ra Ra Ra slot. An overview of this game follows in several theses:

  • Basic characteristics
  • Ra Ra Ra slot symbols
  • Bonus games
  • Graphics and sounds

Basic characteristics

There are many games that introduce you to the world of Egyptian mythology, but it seems that none of them is as graphically authentic as the game we will present to you.

The Ra Ra Ra video slot has five columns in three rows and 10 paylines. The great thing is that this slot brings payouts in both directions. Arrange the winning combination, from left to right or right to left, and you will definitely make some winnings.

The only thing that matters is that the winning combination starts from the first column on the left or right side. To make any winnings you need to connect at least three matching symbols on the payline.

Next to the Total Bet button, there are two arrows, one pointing up and the other pointing down. These arrows will help you place a bet.

You can activate the autoplay function at any time.

For fans of a slightly more dynamic game, there is also Turbo Mode, which you can activate in the settings.

Ra Ra Ra slot symbols

Now we can start the story of the symbols of this slot. You won’t find classic card symbols here.

The cat symbol and the bird symbol are the smallest in payout value and yield three times the stakes for the five payout symbols.

Two vessels, one gold and the other light blue, bring four times as many bets as the five symbols on the payline.

The eye symbol is the next symbol in terms of payout. It is followed by the bug symbol, which brings you 10 times more than the stakes for the five symbols on the payline.

The Egyptian cross is a symbol of the greatest reward. Five of these symbols in the payline brings you 30 times more than the stakes.

There are also several special symbols, the Wilds and the Pyramid Symbol.

Bonus games

There are three wild symbols in this game. Wilds appear only on columns two, three and four. When they appear on the columns, they will expand to the entire column and this will provide you with Respin.

During the Respin bonus, the wild stays in place. You continue to receive respins until you make some profit, or until another wild symbol or pyramid symbol appears on the columns.

Each additional wild that appears on the columns will provide you with an additional Respin.


Free spins guarantee winnings

When the pyramid symbol appears on the first column together with one or more wilds on the remaining columns, you will activate free spins.

You will receive two free spins. But two winning free spins. Free spins in which you do not win will not count.

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Whenever the wild appears during free spins it will add one free spin to you.

Whenever the pyramid symbol appears during free spins it can bring you two to five free spins. It is also possible to activate the Respin bonus game during free spins.

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If you do not restart this game during free spins and you only have one wild symbol on the columns, there is a chance that you will activate the return bonus game.

You can then be rewarded with two additional free spins.

Graphics and sounds

You will see sculptures on both sides of the columns and pyramids behind the columns. Music that will remind you of ancient Egypt will be heard all the time while playing the Ra Ra Ra video slot.

Special sound effects await you when you win or run one of the bonus games. The graphics are great and all the symbols are shown down to the smallest detail.

Ra Ra Ra – Egyptian Sun God brings fantastic bonuses!



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