Rich Reels – fun with great casino bonuses

A great classic enhanced by neon lights arrive in the world of online casino games. Great fun awaits you and you can make extremely good money. A new game called Rich Reels is presented to us by the game manufacturer Evoplay. Great fun is enhanced by exclusive bonuses that can bring you wild symbols but also a wheel of fortune. The wheel of fortune can bring you two types of rewards: free spins and multipliers. It’s time for the fun to begin, but before that, be sure to read the rest of the text in which you can see a review of the Rich Reels slot.

Rich Reels is a classic slot that has three columns in three rows and five fixed paylines. You will see nine symbols on the columns at all times. To make any profit, you need to connect three matching symbols on the payline. Since there are three symbols and the only possible winning combination, the winnings are calculated in whichever direction you want.

It is possible to make only one win on one payline, but the sum of winnings is certainly possible if you win them on several different paylines at the same time. If nine identical symbols appear on the columns, you will win on all five paylines at the same time.

You can activate the autoplay function by holding down the Spin key for a little longer. The Balance button will always display the remaining amount of money available for the game, while using the plus and minus keys you will set the values ​​of your stake. If you like a more dynamic game, activate Turbo Spin Mode.

About the symbols of the Rich Reels slot

In the next few lines, we will introduce you to the symbols of the Rich Reels slot, and the symbols of the lowest payout value are the Bar symbols. You will see single, double and triple bar symbols. The interesting thing is that the two single bar symbols with any of the other symbols on the payline make a winning combination. You can also combine a combination of single, double and triple bar symbols, but the most valuable combination is composed only of triple bar symbols.

Three cherry symbols on the payline yield five times more than the stakes, while three lemons yield 15 times more than the stakes. The golden bell is the most valuable symbol if we talk about the basic symbols and brings 25 times more than the stakes.

The Wilds make the best payouts

In this game, there are two wild symbols, one represented by a crown and the other by a gold star. The crown symbol is a classic and it changes all symbols except the lucky dot symbol and helps them form winning combinations. The crown is also the second symbol in terms of payout, and the three symbols of the crown will bring you 100 times more than the stakes.

Rich Reels
Rich Reels – wild

As we have already said, the golden star is also a wild symbol of this game. And it changes all the symbols, except the symbol of the point of happiness, and helps them to form winning combinations. Three gold star symbols on the payline will bring you 250 times more than the stakes! In addition, the gold star will double the value of each winning combination in which it participates as a substitute symbol. If a crown and a gold star are found in the winning combination, the winning combination will be counted as twice the value of the winning combination of three crowns.

Rich Reels
Golden star

The scatter symbol is represented by a point of happiness, and three or more of these symbols will activate the game of the point of happiness. The wheel of fortune can bring you two types of rewards:

  • Cash prizes
  • Free spins

At the point of happiness, there are six segments with cash prizes and six segments with free spins. If the wheel stops in the cash prize field, you will get the value of the stakes multiplied by the multiplier.

Rich Reels
Cash prizes

If the wheel of fortune stops in the free spin field you can win up to 20 free spins. Scatter symbols do not appear during free spins, so you cannot reactivate this bonus game. The background of the game changes when you activate free spins.

Rich Reels
Free spins

Rich Reels slot columns are placed on one of the machines that you will see in popular casinos. Neon light is placed on the device, which changes when you activate the bonus game. The music is dynamic and modern.

Play Rich Reels and have fun with a powerful classic!


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