Inferno Gladiator – across the arena to the casino bonuses!

The well-known online casino game provider Microgaming introduces us to the Inferno Gladiator video slot on a battlefield rich in exclusive bonuses. Gladiators, arenas, Rome … all these topics have been covered many times and turned into great casino achievements. This video slot is no exception; from modern graphics, through animations to epic music and free spins with multipliers, this video slot is a great option for all types of casino players. Continue reading this text and find out the details of the Inferno Gladiator video slot.

The online casino slot Inferno Gladiator is, and how else, located in front of the amphitheater where the battle for naked life takes place. The fire is spreading through the arena, the crowd is calling in the background, and next to the slot column there is a gladiator, ready to take you to the bonus. The game board is framed with a gold frame, and on it, we can find symbols of different values ​​and appearance, which we divide into basic and special.

An exciting video slot with a handful of bonuses is behind the name Inferno Gladiator

The basic symbols of the slot belong to the classic card symbols J, Q, K and A, and these are the symbols of lower payout value, and they are joined as more valuable symbols by the trident, helmet, eagle, tiger and horse. All these symbols provide payouts for 3-5 of them in combination, if they are arranged from left to right in columns. In addition, in order to win, the combinations must be found on one of the 25 paylines that this slot has. Paylines are fixed, which means that you play by investing on all paylines, and if more than one combination is found on one payline, only the one with the highest value will be paid out.

Inferno Gladiator
Inferno Gladiator slot layout

The second group of symbols, the special one, includes the wild and the scatter. The golden-red shield decorated with precious stones is the wild video slot of the Inferno Gladiator, and this is also a payment symbol. Unlike the basic symbols, the wild offers payouts for two symbols in combination, but it also has a special function. The Wild has the function of replacing the basic symbols on the columns and building winning combinations with them, which is reflected in your balance.

As for another special symbol, it appears in the form of an arena for fighting with the inscription Free Spins. Scatter is not a pay symbol, but it will give you the opportunity to enter the bonus game, where even better winnings follow. When you collect three, four or five scatter symbols, you enter the bonus game and win 10 free spins. Unfortunately, it is not possible to win additional free spins within the same game, because scatter symbols do not appear in it.

Start a bonus game where free spins, sticky wild and multipliers are waiting for you

When you start the bonus game, in addition to free spins, you get an improved edition of the Wild. Namely, in the toll of free spins, the Inferno Gladiator slot introduces one sticky wild, which will be positioned in the third column and stay there until the end of the game. This wild is in charge of great bonuses because it will help you form winning combinations more often. This is important because each winning combination introduces one win multiplier into the game that will reflect on all your winnings in a given spin.

Inferno Gladiator
Sticky wild in the bonus game

The value of the multiplier goes from x1 to x10, which means that in the 10th spin if you are lucky enough, you can make a profit and increase it by a multiplier of x10. Theoretically, there is a chance that for each free spin you have an increasing multiplier, you just need to make a profit in each spin. The bonus game ends when you have used up all the free spins when you return to the basic game and continue spinning. Although scatter symbols do not appear in the bonus game, this should not stop you from running it from the main game countless times and winning fantastic winnings using multipliers.

Inferno Gladiator
A winning combination in a bonus game with a multiplier x8

The Inferno Gladiator video slot is a treat for fans of martial-themed video slots, who also have great bonuses. Everything you are looking for is in a bonus game with free spins, during which a sticky wild appears, with which you will make winnings whose value will then be further increased by fantastic multipliers to the value of x10. If you are in the mood for action, good winnings and a lot of fun, find Inferno Gladiator in your favorite online casino and enjoy the winnings that will not be missed.

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