Types of blackjack – their characteristics and main differences

After we dealt with the general overview of one of the most popular casino games in the Blackjack – game review, rules and bets tutorial, it was time to present versions of this game. The common thing for all versions is to play against the dealer/dealer and the goal is to beat him. There are several different common ways in which different types of blackjack differ, so we will start this tutorial.

The main differences in different types of blackjack

  • The dealer stops dealing cards when he reaches the sum of 17. This is a very important difference that can affect the playing of the hand. If you play a version in which the dealer is allowed to continue to deal cards after the sum of 17, if he has a “soft” hand that contains an ace, there is a chance that it will reach the sum of 18, 19, 20 or 21 and beat you. This is often accompanied by the “peeping” option, an option that allows or forbids the dealer to look at his hidden card if it is the first card drawn by the ace.
  • Restrict Double Down playback. This is an option that will be enabled in some versions of blackjack only if the player’s first two cards are “hard”, carry values ​​of 9, 10 and 11. It is not uncommon for this rule to be used after splitting cards but there are also versions in which you cannot do this.
  • How many times can a player deal with his cards or use the Split option.
  • The number of decks used during the game.
  • Surrender option or Surrender and Insurance option.
  • What is the outcome of a natural blackjack? The ratio is usually 3: 2 but here too there are variations, such as those with a ratio of 6: 5.

The most played types – European and American blackjack

European blackjack is one of the most popular versions of blackjack, which mostly relies on the rules of traditional blackjack. Although the number of decks varies from version to version of European blackjack, the most common is the two-deck version. As for the dealer and his cards, the versions of European blackjack limit the dealer to the sum of 17. It is common for the dealer to assign himself only one card at the beginning which is automatically visible to other players, the dealer does not check the card in case he has drawn an ace. The Double Down option is only available with cards of value 9, 10 or 11, and is available after the Split option.

The most played type of blackjack, European Blackjack Gold

American, Atlantic City, Vegas Strip, Vegas Single Hand etc. These are all names for the same type of blackjack. The name itself suggests – this is the most played species in America, which is played in land and online casinos.

The main difference between American and European blackjack is that in the European dealer he gets one card at the beginning and in the American two, one face up, the other face down. Therefore, if the dealer gets an Ace or a card with a value of 10, he is allowed to look at his hidden card and check if he got a natural blackjack. If he won and you did not at the same time, you lose your hand right at the beginning.

The most played type of blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack Gold

Another difference concerning these two blackjacks is the number of decks used when playing. While in the European version it is common to use two decks, in the American version eight decks are usually used. Another difference relates to how many times a player can use the Split option during the game. European blackjack versions usually allow only one split of the same cards, while in the American version the player can split his cards up to three times. Either way, there are also versions where Split is enabled five or six times, so it is best to check the rules of the game before you start.

In the versions of American blackjack, the Double Down option is generally enabled after any sum of cards, regardless of whether the sum is “soft” or “hard”. “Double Down” is allowed after the cards are dealt.

Multi-Hand, Spanish and Double Exposure Blackjack

There are many different versions of blackjack, such as Multi-Hand blackjack, which allows multiple hands to be played at the same time, which in principle, increases the player’s chance of winning. There is also the famous version of Spanish 21 or Spanish Blackjack, which offer novelties in terms of the game but also in terms of bets, only relying on traditional blackjack. Another in a series is the Double Exposure version, where surrender and insurance options are not available, Split is allowed once and both player and dealer cards are face up.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

There are a lot of versions of blackjack, each with a different mix of rules and bets. From those with one to those with eight decks. Those in which the dealer does not deal himself cards over the sum of 17 to those in which he deals, from those who allow Split more than once to those who do not allow it. If you are interested in this type of casino games, we advise you to visit an online casino and find the version that will best suit your affinities.


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