Agent Valkyrie – fantastic bonuses come straight from the plane

This time, a gang of criminals went into action in the open sky. But Agent Valkyrie is there to stop them. This gang is irresistibly reminiscent of pirates who this time found their place in open-air aircraft. The new video slot is presented to us by the game manufacturer Microgaming in cooperation with 2 by 2 Gaming. Play Agent Valkyrie and defeat the criminals. If you manage to do that, good profits will not be missed. In the next part of the text, read what this game is about.

Agent Valkyrie
Agent Valkyrie

Agent Valkyrie is a video slot that has five reels in three rows and twenty-five fixed paylines. All winning combinations are calculated from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left. If you make more than one winning combination on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination.

The RTP (return to player percentage) of this video slot is 96.04%.

If you get tired of constantly spinning the reels, you can activate the Autoplay function at any time.

Symbols Slots Agent Valkyrie

The lowest value symbols are the classic card symbols 10, J, Q, K and A. K and A are slightly more valuable and will bring you double the value of the stakes for the five symbols on the payline.

The symbol of the joke and the map, on which certain places where the treasure is probably located next in value. The five of these symbols on the payline bring four times the value of the stakes.

The next three symbols are three members of this criminal gang, a man in a blue vest, a red-haired woman and a man in a green suit. These are symbols of great value. A man in a blue vest and a woman wear the same value and pay eight times more than the stakes for the five symbols on the payline. A man in a green suit pays 24 times more than the stakes for the five symbols in the winning streak.

The Wild symbol bears the logo of the game and the inscription Wild. This symbol changes all other symbols except Scatter and coins and helps them to form winning combinations. Five of these symbols on the payline bring 40 times more than the stakes!

Agent Valkyrie brings you special features during the basic game

Above the second, third and fourth reels you will see a rectangle of blue, green and red. Whenever a coin lands on one of these reels, the places in the rectangle are filled. As soon as there are three coins in one rectangle, a special function is started. When three coins appear in the second reel, the Wild Reels function is triggered and then one or two reels will be filled with Wild symbols. When three coins appear in the third reel, the Flying Wilds function is triggered. Then the plane will bomb the reels and Wild symbols will appear at every place where the bomb landed. When three coins appear on the fourth reel, the Capture Criminals function is launched. All symbols on which the criminals are will be transferred to prison and Wild symbols will land in their place.

Agent Valkyrie
Capture Criminals

Create for yourself what the free spins will look like

Three or more Scatter symbols trigger the free spins feature. Free spins are distributed as follows:

  • Three Scatters brings 7 free spins,
  • Four Scatters bring 11 free spins,
  • Five Scatters bring 15 free spins.
Agent Valkyrie
Free Spins

After that, you will have two options. To accept the proposed mission or to create your own mission. If you decide to create your own mission, each spin will bring you one special feature such as Flying Wilds, Wild Reels and Capture Criminals. You can opt for a certain number of all three missions or just one or two missions. The more free spins, the more missions you can choose. One for each spin.

Agent Valkyrie
Creating your own missions

The proposed mission randomly assigns one of the functions.

On the left side of the reels, you will see Valkyrie, the pilot of this exciting plane. The music is astonishingly good and reminiscent of film classics from the last century.

Play Agent Valkyrie and put the criminals behind bars.

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