All Ways Win – slots with 243 winning combinations

Since they appeared in the 20th century as simple machines with a single payline, fruit trees and pull lever slots have continued their development to this day, which is a logical sequence. First of all, the development of land casinos started to switch to online casinos following the digitalization and the needs of players. So today, players can access their favourite games via their smartphones, tablets, computers etc. In short, access to the content of the casino is much easier.

The development of technology has accelerated the development of online casinos and we soon got more complex games which include a larger number of paylines and functions, which further led to a wider range of pay-out potentials. It was this development that led to the construction of slots with 243 winning combinations also known as All Ways Win, or to Megaways slots – slots with up to a million pay-out combinations, as is the case with the 1 Million Megaways BC video slot.

The All Ways Win slot system is based on replacing traditional paylines with a completely new concept. It is a concept that implies a win achieved by any winning combination of symbols that extends from left to right in the slot reels. Such combinations usually involve three or more symbols, depending on the number of reels in the slot. It is this way of calculating winnings that is one of the aspects of slot development.

Classic 243 winning combinations - Classic243, winning combination
Classic 243 winning combinations

Slots with 243 winning combinations and regular slots

For the sake of comparison, we will mention traditional slot machines with three reels in one row, where exactly that one row represented the payline at the same time. Over time, the rows and reels expanded and we eventually got slots with up to nine paylines. With such slots, it is up to the player to choose the number of active paylines whose number is multiplied by the total stake per line. In this way, the profit is calculated and simple logic leads to the conclusion that higher deposits and a larger number of active payment lines lead to higher profits.

However, the pay-out calculation is slightly different for slots with 243 winning combinations. First of all, this type of slots does not have predetermined payline positions. Instead, each combination of three or more of the same symbols on consecutive reels, from left to right, pays off. But how did the number 243 come about?

Such video slots are usually configured on a board with five reels in three rows, which means that there are three symbols in each reel. Each of these three symbols, nine on the whole board can be combined with each symbol of each reel. Thus we come to the calculation of 243 ways to win.

Classic slots with 243 winning combinations
A Tale of Elves, a slot with 243 winning combinations

Since investing in 243 winning combinations would be too expensive, this rule was circumvented by simply allowing betting levels to be set per spin. This betting method offers players several fixed betting levels that can be adjusted in the control panel after each spin. Besides, it also offers the adjustment of the so-called. Coin, which is further adjusted by the mentioned betting levels. You adjust these parameters depending on your budget.

Pay attention to important details before starting the game

If you decide to play a slot like this, you should keep the following things in mind:

  • Before starting the game, check the stakes levels and the size of the stakes
  • Pay attention to the volatility of the game; games with 243 winning combinations are usually lower to medium volatility, which means they bring more frequent and smaller payouts. Of course, this does not apply to all games, so before you start playing, it is important to check the volatility in the menu of a given slot.
  • Theoretically, the RTP (return of the player percentage) which with such video slots may be slightly lower than standard video slots.

Now that we have introduced you to All Ways Win video slots, we will single out our previous favourites.

From the All Ways Win slots, we single out

The Mayana video slot takes you through the Mayan world through great multipliers, respins and Mucha Mayana. This is an interactive slot that, through the fun levels of expanding the game board increases the number of winning combinations, thus increases the chances of winning. When the last level of expansion of the game board is reached, a key function opens up which achieves significantly higher gains with the help of value multipliers up to 20 times.

Classic slots with 243 winning combinations
The initial layout of the Mayan slot, a slot with 243 winning combinations

Queen of Queens 243 is a video slot with a traditional Egyptian theme, which we often deal with. This is a slot that offers a bonus game with free spins during which each win is worth three times more than in the base game. The maximum pay-out in this slot is 1,200 times higher than the stakes per payline and is achieved precisely in the bonus game.

Classic Slot with 243 ways of winning combinations
Queens of Queens 243 slot layout

The last slot we will present to you have an interesting Dragonz video slot with four dragons that are key to the whole game. It is these four dragons that can launch four bonus games that involve free spins with various types of jokers. The video slot also has a bonus function that runs randomly and includes additional Wildcards on the reels in the basic game.

Classic Slots with 243 winning combinations
Dragonz, 243 winning combinations