Why are classic slots so popular?

In the invasion of a large number of video slots with a huge number of bonus games, fantastic animations and great sound effects, there are still a large number of players who are still more interested in classic slots. Today we will talk a little about why classic slots are so popular. Is it because of habit? Is it because of the ease of use of this type of game? Classic slots either do not have exclusive bonuses or they are quite simple. All of these things affect users of online casino services. Read the rest of the text and we will reveal the secret of the popularity of classic slots.

Classic slots activate the nostalgia factor for many service users. Most classic slots will remind casino users of old, good Vegas machines in some of their favourite casinos or bookmakers. If most people still prefer modern slots that will bring perfect graphics or a large number of bonus games, there are still a huge number of those who just want to put together the perfect combination of fruit symbols.

Classic slots and their simplicity

The biggest advantage of classic slots compared to all other types of casino games is their simplicity and ease of use. The design of these games is quite simple, there are not many things that can surprise you. You just need to look at the pay-out table and know what to expect. Because of their simplicity, classic slots are perhaps the best option for beginners in the online casino world.

Another thing that makes classic slots much simpler compared to other types of casino games is the number of paylines. Many classic slots have only three reels. Of course, there are also those with five lines but they also generally have a smaller number of paylines.

The first classic slots generally had three reels and only one payline. With evolution, the number of paylines has increased but is still significantly smaller than with video slots. If you do not want a large number of paylines, classic slots are the ideal type of games for you.

Classic Slots
Why are classic slots so popular?

Symbols of classic slots

When we talk about the symbols of classic slots, the reels will be dominated by fruit symbols. Plums, lemons, cherries are the symbols you will most often encounter on the reels. You will also see some more such as the golden bell, lucky 7, and the golden star. You will see a large number of classic slots with traditional Chinese symbols.

Classic Slots
Classic slots are dominated by fruit symbols

In general, the number of symbols in classic slots is significantly smaller than in video slots.

RTP value classic

In most cases, the value of RTP (return to player percentage) in classic slot games is significantly higher than in video slots. The fact that classic slots do not offer a large number of bonus games is compensated by their higher value of RTP, which is logical. The refund is significantly higher for classic slot games due to the smaller number of bonuses.

Wherever you look at the list of slot games with the highest RTP value, you will see that the vast majority of games are classic slots. Even in our tutorial on the top 5 of all online casino games with the highest RTP value, there are two classics: Joker Strike (98.11%) and Retro Reels Extreme Heat (97.50%).

Classic Slots
Retro Reels Extreme Heat

If video slots offer a lot of bonus games, perfect design, beautiful animations, there are still several people who stay true to classic slots. But it is not just a matter of tradition. Classic slots manage to animate younger users of online casino games as well.

Everyone has their own, special reason why they are attracted to classic slots. It is insane to go into each reason individually. With this text, we have tried to present you some advantages of classic slots, advantages that still make them so popular.

Classic slots work, so they match all other types of online casino games. All you have to do is try some classics and the fun will not be missed!

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