Almighty Aztec – meet the Aztecs in a new casino game

The Almighty Aztecs bring you several bonuses and special features in the next video slot. Indian tribes are an inexhaustible source of inspiration when it comes to online casino game makers. Almighty Aztec is a new video slot coming to us from game maker Microgaming. The design of the game is beautiful, so you will see the wild nature of the American continent around you. There is also a flying snake that will treat you to extra wilds. Read an overview of the Almighty Aztec video slot in the next part of the text, and then try this game.

Almighty Aztec is an adventure-themed video slot that has five columns in three rows and 10 paylines. To make any winnings you need to connect at least three symbols on the payline. Winnings are paid out in both directions – whether you combine the winning combination from right to left or from left to right, you will be paid out. The only thing that is important is that the winning streak starts from the first column on the left or right side, depending on the situation.

Almighty Aztec
Almighty Aztec

Only one win is possible on one payline. If by any chance you have multiple winning combinations on one payline, you will be paid the highest value combination. It is possible to make more winnings at the same time on different paylines, then these winnings will be added up.

Almighty Aztec slot symbols

The symbols of this slot can be divided into two groups. One has symbols of lower payout power, while there are those that bring high payouts. The first group includes diamond symbols, namely green, red, purple and blue. If you combine five identical diamonds on the payline, you will win 2.5 times more than your stake.

The following symbols bring significantly higher payouts. The symbol of the rock on which a certain message is engraved is the next in value. Then we have the parrot symbol and the snake symbol, and the Indian chief symbol brings the biggest payouts. Five of these symbols on the payline bring 50 times more than your stake.

The wild symbol is represented by the sun, and when it appears in a field, it extends to the entire column. He appears only in columns two, three, and four. There is another symbol, and that is the symbol of the flying snake, called Quetzalcoatl. Whenever she flies over the columns she will assign you one or more wilds, who will also occupy the entire columns.

Win up to 12 free spins

There are also scatter symbols in the Almighty Aztec video slot and three or more scatters trigger free spinsFree spins will be distributed as follows:

  • Three scatters bring five free spins
  • Four scatters bring eight free spins
  • Five scatters bring 12 free spins

When you activate free spins, the Qeutzalcolatl symbol will cross the columns and assign you one or more wilds, which will extend to entire columns. The Wilds remain on the columns throughout the free spin function.

Almighty Aztec
Free spins with wilds

Free spins can also be purchased

On the left, next to the columns, you will see a treasure chest. This suitcase brings another special option. It is an opportunity to buy free spins that you can use at any time. It will cost you 50 times more than your current bet, and you will get five free spins. The possibility of a reward is many times higher, so keep this possibility in mind.

Almighty Aztec
Buy free spins

Quick Spin mode is available for all people who like a slightly more dynamic game, and you can activate the Autoplay function at any time. In the lower-left corner, next to the columns, there is a button with chips with which you can set the value of your stake.

The game is set in a rainforest and the spirit of the Aztecs is present all the time you play. The music of Indian tribes will be heard as you play. Special sound effects await you during the formation of winning combinations, as well as in bonus games.

Enjoy with Almighty Aztec – a great slot that will introduce you to the famous Indian tribe.

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