Fruit Mania Golden Nights – jackpot casino slot

Fruit Mania is one of the classic slot games of the German provider Gamomat and was so successful that it released several versions. Fruit Mania Golden Nights are the latest version, which is a traditional fruit symbol as well as an additional jackpot game.

If you combine an interesting fruit theme, a lot of fun, and a jackpot, then the perfect casino game is created, and you can find out the details below.

Fruit Mania Golden Nights
Fruit Mania Golden Nights

Traditional fruit symbols are still popular with a large number of players around the world, but Fruit Mania has an added advantage due to the additional Golden Nights bonus.

The slot set is on five columns in three rows and five paylines, with additional jackpots and exclusive bonuses.

The background of the slot is darker brown with a yellow tinge between the columns, while lines in various colors can be seen on the side. On a dark background, the symbols of fruit trees are better expressed.

Fruit Mania Golden Nights – feel the golden nights with fruit trees!

The symbols in the Fruit Mania Golden Nights slot are beautifully crafted and have a 3D effect. You will have fun with the symbols of juicy cherries, hot lemon, ripe oranges. There are also slightly more valuable fruits in the shape of watermelons and grapes.

These symbols are accompanied by symbols of higher payout value such as the famous golden bell and lucky red sevens.

For many, the number seven is the lucky number, and in this slot it is the symbol that has the greatest value. A few red sevens combined can bring a payout worth a real small fortune!

Fruit Mania Golden Nights
Online Casino Bonus

At the bottom of the fruit-themed slot is a control panel with options that introduce players to the game. Set the desired number of lines on the Lines button and the bet on the Bet button. Then press the green button, which indicates Start to make the fruit dance.

The Autoplay button is also available, which allows the column to be started automatically a certain number of times. To the right is a separate Golden Nights window. In the upper left corner of the slot are options for adjusting the volume.

A special bonus game in “Golden Night”!

Do you know what the Fruit Mania Golden Nights Bonus is? You will find out in the next part of the text.

Namely, when the Golden Nights bonus game opens, you will see a drawing of golden nights, as well as the roofs of the European city, lit by fireworks. Also, there is a button for the Golden Nights bonus on the slot at the bottom of the control table.

This button is used to increase the bet, but you can also start the jackpot! When the lid is started, you have three chests that open and each time it is filled with gold coins. This is when the main feature of the Fruit Mania Golden Nights slot starts.

Fruit Mania Golden Nights
Fruit Mania Golden Nights

Wondering what that looks like? We will explain briefly. A drawing of golden nights with numbers on the bar will appear, while above it is a numbered thermometer on which the jackpot levels are marked!

The temperature in the thermometer rises and passes through the level of iron, copper, bronze, silver, and gold and ends up on the jackpot gem! If you play the maximum bet, expect a Super Jewel award!

Thermometer jackpot levels:

  • Iron 500.00
  • Copper 1,250.00
  • Bronze 2.500.00
  • Silver 10,000.00
  • Gold 50,000.00
  • Gem 200,000.00
  • Super Jewel 5,000,000.00 

Play the bonus game of gambling in the letter Fruit Mania Golden Nights!

Another great bonus game that can bring players a win is the mini gambling bonus game. It is already known to many that in slots that contain a bonus game of gambling, they can enter after any winning combination.

In this bonus game, you have two options for gambling winning combinations. The first is to guess the color of the next flashing card and double your winnings. Available colors for guessing are red and black. Another option is to start the Ladder feature, which has several levels for gambling.

The game does not have a demo version, so it cannot be tried before investing real money. Theoretically, the RTP is 96%, which is in line with the average for slots, while the volatility is at the middle level.

Enjoy golden nights with juicy fruits and win some jackpot levels from Golden Nights bonus!

Play the Fruit Mania Golden Nights slot at your chosen online casino and win great prizes.