Anaconda Wild offers special online casino Respins!

Anaconda is one of the largest snakes in the world, and the game maker Playtech has decided to include it in the new game Anaconda Wild to entertain you! This snake will feed on regular symbols in the Anaconda Wild slot, turning them into wilds instead of various animals! Now that we’ve intrigued you, keep reading this review!

Anaconda Wild takes us to South America

First of all, this is an atypical game in the world of video slots, because it comes with six reels in four rows, which is the specific look of one slot. The reels are framed with a gold frame and have a dark blue background, which makes the symbols stand out on the reels. The background completely corresponds to the theme, because the slot is located in the heart of South America, which is full of various plants and suitable for hiding anacondas.

Anaconda Wild, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
Slot layout

The symbols of the Anaconda Wild video slot come to us in the form of classic card symbols: heart, spade, club and diamonds, and there are also various objects representing the ancient peoples of South America. From rings and daggers, through various totems to gold frames that represent wilds. That’s right, plural!

The two wilds are in charge of the complete atmosphere

This video slot has two wildcards. The first wild symbol is represented by an oblong golden symbol with the inscription Wild and this is a regular wild card that only replaces all symbols and builds winning combinations with them. However, the other wild, which appears in the form of a checkered gold symbol with the inscription Wild, is a special wild and it opens the door to a special game for you! And this wild replaces all the symbols and helps them build winning combinations, but that is not his main role.

A special wild starts the Respins!

Whenever a special wild is found on the reels, it will launch the Anaconda Wild Respins function! Once you open this feature you will see that this wild has changed a bit and taken on a green color. This is because there is an anaconda inside it!

Anaconda Wild, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
A special wild is launched by Anaconda Wild Respins

With each spin, the snake will come out of this wild a bit and cover the fields, leaving the wild symbols behind. The anaconda can only move up, down, left and right, but not diagonally.

Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
The anaconda emerges from the wild and moves along the reels

She will leave the wilds behind until she returns to the starting position, to the wild from which she crawled out. The last Respin will happen just before the snake disappears. When the Respins are over, you return to the basic game and continue spinning.

Anaconda Wild, Playtech, Online Casino Bonus
The last position of the snake before the end of Respin

Anaconda Wilds has 50 paylines, which should be a great incentive for players who love winnings. And who doesn’t love winnings?

The symbols should be arranged from left to right, starting from the first reel on the left, in order to get a winning combination. In addition, if you have more paylines per payline, you will only be paid the most valuable one. However, gains on multiple paylines at the same time are possible.

All we have to do is invite you to try this interesting game and watch a live anaconda that devours the symbols that lead you to winnings!

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