Basic Instinct – a movie-themed online slot

The Basic Instinct video slot comes from the provider iSoftbet and is based on the legendary film which has gained worldwide popularity. In this online casino game, the character of the main actress from the movie Sharon Stone appears in full size, in three different scenes and awards three types of exclusive bonuses.

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The Basic Instinct video slot is based on the film with the same name, which appeared in 1992 and caused a lot of controversy at the time.

basic instinct

The main roles in the film are played by Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas, and the plot is intertwined from passion to violence. The famous scene where the actress crosses her legs during the interrogation and reveals too much has remained one of the most impressive to this day.

The Basic Instinct online casino slot is set in the background of the famous club scene in the movie with a picture of a poster with the main actress. In addition, images of San Francisco frame the slot, and the symbols themselves have a dark purple background.

The Basic Instinct video slot is based on the popular movie!

The symbols in the Basic Instinct game correspond to the theme from the film, so you will see the symbols of a gun, an ice pick, police badges, a fox, and there are also symbols of the main actress, which we will discuss in more detail below.

Symbols of lower value in this game are also represented by card symbols A, J, K, Q and appear more often, which compensates for the lower value. These symbols are in metallic gray with embossed images of the horizon on them.

basic 2

The symbol that has the highest value when it comes to regular symbols is the ice spike symbol, followed by the police badge symbol at the payout value.

As we said, in addition to these symbols, there is also a regular wild symbol, but also three stacked full-size Sharon Stone symbols, each of which has its own special characteristics.

The Basic Instinct slot has a standard five columns in three rows with 243 ways to win. This means that as long as the symbols appear from left to right starting from the first column to the left, you are guaranteed a win wherever the symbols are located.

Before you start playing this online casino game, you need to get acquainted with the control panel.

basic 3

Initially, you need to set the size of your bet on the Bet +/- key. When you have set the stakes, press the Spin key to start the slot columns. You can use the Autoplay option at any time, which is used to automatically play the game.

Also, it is recommended that you get acquainted with the rules of the game, as well as the values ​​of each symbol separately in the information section.

The Basic Instinct game is optimized for all devices, so you can play it via your mobile phone, wherever you are. It also has a demo version that allows you to try it for free at your chosen online casino.

Win exclusive bonus games!

The online casino game Basic Instinct does not have a special scatter symbol, but a bonus round is awarded based on stacked wilds.

The game features three stacked full-size wild symbols from actress Sharon Stone, and these symbols represent different scenes from the film.

The first stacked wild symbol depicts a scene in which Sharon appears in the famous white dress at the interrogation with Michael Douglas. When this symbol appears across the entire column in full size, the bonus round begins. If only part of the symbol appears, it acts as a standard wild.

The second stacked wild symbol is the one in which the actress looks over the black Lotus Esprit and this symbol awards a bonus of free spins. If the symbol appears in full size you will be rewarded with a bonus free spins.

basic bonus

The last wild symbol shows Sharon Stone in a shimmering dress with a bare back, and this symbol activates the function of dropping the symbol if it appears in full size. The wild fall symbol is lowered one position down the column while the other columns rotate.

Also, the bonus round allows you to choose between 12 boxes to win a mysterious prize, which adds to the excitement.

The bonus game takes you to a scene where the actress is sitting in a chair in a white dress, you need to click on one of the boxes to win a cash prize, or you will reach the end of the round if you click on the handcuffs.

However, if you find a gun, you will win a progressive jackpot, which flashes at the top of the game. Every time you select another video it spins in the background, which makes the bonus game look perfect.

Play the Basic Instinct video slot at your chosen online casino and enjoy a popular theme from the movie.

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