Beer Fest – beer, a lot of fun and great earnings in the casino game!

Lovers of delicious beer and a good time, we present you a unique game made by skilled developers of the provider MicrogamingBeer Fest! If you have ever been a visitor to this event that celebrates beer, you know what awaits you! Lots of fun, great games and good earnings. Given that there are thousands of different beer festivals around the world, where everyone can find their place and type of beer to their liking, we can say that it is about world popularity. Let us take that into account and add that this drink dates back to 6,000 BC (!) It will be completely clear to us Microgaming’s decision to make a game that will satisfy thousands of players around the world. Well, let us move on to the game itself!

This is not a classic casino game that we encounter every day. It is about the so-called “Instant Win” games, about a game in which you can win or lose and find out that outcome immediately. These are fast games, played in just a few minutes.

When we talk about the game Beer Fest, we can say that it belongs to the Instant Win games, however, it also has three bonus games: Beers All Round, Munchies and Table Dancing.

Beer Fest
Three bonus games

What matters to this game is that it is, in fact, in a way, a card game. Before the start of each game, you must place a bet and draw a card. After that, you start playing bonus games in the order you choose. The only rule is that you must play all the games before requesting a new card. The point is to collect the multipliers that appear in bonus games.

Three additional games – Beer Fest

  • Beers All Round

At the beginning of this game, you will see two contestants facing each other and a handsome waitress. The goal is to guess which contestant will drink more beer before fainting. Choose – a black moustache with a red tie or a blue moustache with a blue tie! Before you choose, you can check in the board below the game how many multipliers await you if you guess.

Beer Fest
Beer All Around
  • The Munchies

Three covered dishes will appear on the table in front of you. The fourth is held by a waitress. The goal is to discover all the dishes and, if the waitress’s dish matches one of the three on the table, you have won a multiplier! Just like in the first game, you can see the multiplier in the board below the game.

Beer Fest
The Munchies
  • Table Dancing

There are four tables on the screen and a black moustache is watching you from the other side of the tables. Hire him, choose a table to play at! The goal is to choose a table that will not collapse under it. If you succeed, you win a multiplier that you can check in the table below.

Beer Fest
Table Dancing

Winnings are calculated as follows: multipliers are multiplied by the total amount of the bet with a role. After the end of one round of the game, you can play the next, draw the next card only when you have played all the games.

Beer, fun and good earnings – we think this is reason enough to embark on a world-class adventure – Beer Fest! Play games of chance with random multipliers and have fun with a few beers, just to see how they go together. Only, carefully, success can “hit” the head!

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