Karate Pig – a crazy casino showdown in a great video game!

Are you ready to hit the sweetness that will hit you as soon as you access the Karate Pig video slot? We don’t think so! Read the review and find out how one piglet decided to practice karate.

Karate Pig – piglet calculation!

The Karate Pig video slot is the work of an experienced game maker Microgaming and consists of a standard five reels in three rows and forty paylines. This cute video slot has an interesting, colorful background that outlines some of the traditional oriental elements, such as the famous Big Wave and sacred Buddhist temples. The fun symbols of this slot will watch you from the reels, so let’s get acquainted with them.

The symbols of the least value include the ancient bonsai tree, the sushi restaurant and, as a separate symbol, its chef, the famous cute saluting cat, the golden Buddha and the bull. The most valuable symbols are a pig who plays Koto, a traditional Japanese instrument, then a mysterious blanket, which, in its suit and hat, resembles a philosopher, and a pig that trains karate and is the main hero of this slot.

Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Slot symbols

Karate Pig has complex wilds that increase the value of the winning combination!

The logo of the slot represents the wild symbol of the game, which not only does it replace symbols to form better winning combinations but also pays for two of the collected same symbols.

In addition, this symbol has the power to appear as a complex symbol on the reels. This means that more wildcards will appear on one field, which will automatically increase the value of the winning combination!

The most valuable symbol of the Karate Pig slot is the Bonus symbol, which opens up a great bonus game. It is also a scatter symbol of the game, which is represented by a pig cook. Collect three, four or five of these symbols and launch the Karate Bonus game which has two levels and in which you can win up to 10,600 coins!

The first level of the special bonus – choose between two bonus games!

There are two levels within the Karate bonus. At the first level there are two bonus games you can play, but you can only run one of these two once you collect at least three scatter symbols. These are the Pork Chop Bonus and Hammer Bonus games. When you complete either of these two games, you will get one belt in karate. There are seven different belts and you need to collect all seven to open the second level of the game, Final Showdown.

Karate Pig, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Choose one bonus game

If you choose Pork Chop Bonus on the first level, move to the kitchen where you will be offered to choose between six barrels. There are a number of coins hidden under each barrel, you have the right to choose three times and thus collect as much as possible! Karate piglets will use their moves to prepare the food hidden behind the barrel and make you laugh while you wait for the outcome of the game.

Karate Pig, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Pork Chop Bonus

When we talk about the Hammer Bonus game, at the beginning you will be offered six tarpaulins, which, again, hide some cash prizes. Guess three times, just be careful not to choose a tarpaulin that will knock our piglets unconscious when you hit it with your karate move!

Karate Pig, Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Hammer Bonus

Second level – Final Showdown

Once you collect all the belts, you move on to the second level of the Karate Bonus game. You can see from the subtitle that there must be a clash, but what kind?

The level consists of three combat rounds. In each, you will be offered two techniques with which you will fight against the enemy. Both carry a certain amount of money. In case the piglets win in one round, you are awarded a random bonus and go to the next round. And, even if the piglets don’t win, you go to the next round and so on until you pass the whole level and return to the basic game, and the color of your belt returns to white.

Online Casino Bonus
Online Casino Bonus

Well-known free spins are powered by coin symbols!

The Karate Pig video slot also has one nice feature that you can run when you collect two coin symbols in the base game. It’s the Free Spins feature that gives away free spins! So, place one coin on the first reel and the other on the fifth and you have won 15 free spins. In addition, all winnings under free spins are doubled! What’s sweeter, you can restart the free spins when you collect two more coins. The only thing you can’t do within the bonus function is open the Karate Bonus game.

Microgaming, Online Casino Bonus
Two coins on the reels one and five

All in all, you are offered a great fighting slot, which will entertain you, but also make you laugh. In addition, the bonus game will lead you directly to great winnings, which will make this video slot even sweeter!

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